Meet Alyssa Serchia

Today’s coach’s wife also published an adorable children’s book! I love celebrating wives who thrive in their sweet spot as children’s authors. It’s been my joy to celebrate the success of each wife as they strive to flex their skills, gifts, and talents in their own unique ways. Let’s celebrate Alyssa!

Meet Alyssa Serchia

 Alyssa Serchia - I'm Strong Like a Mom

Alyssa and her husband live in Kingsville, TX where Phil coaches at Texas A&M – Kingsville. They have 3 kids (Makena – 5, Hallie – 3, and Kaden – 6 months). She has a degree in Health & Exercise Science and is a fitness coach for moms and kids. She loves to hike in the mountains, play at the beach, and do almost anything outside! You can often find Alyssa handstanding in random locations, running with at least two kids in her jogger, or impatiently waiting for her gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to bake. She hopes to empower the next generation to be strong, kind, and never give up on their dreams!

Tell Me About Your Business

Alyssa said “I’m the face behind the I am STRONG like MOM website! My goal is to empower moms and be fit, feel great, and be a great example for their kids! I share resources for working out, healthy living, and even ways to get your kids active too! I host an annual virtual run for moms, do some in-person fitness instruction locally, and recently released my very first children’s book, I am STRONG like MOM! It’s available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!”

What Part of Your Business are you Most Passionate About and Why?

Alyssa’s answer was short and sweet “I love building community and seeing moms do amazing things with their kids!” I think it’s more than that. Alyssa chose an area she’s passionate about and built a business around it, and that’s awesome.

Why Did You Choose this Niche?

Alyssa explained, “My blog and my business have evolved with my life. I have 3 little kids so I write and post about what we’re living right now! I run with a stroller, work out with my kids, and am trying to teach them that healthy is a way of life!”

How do you Balance your Work with Coaching?

Alyssa explained “I stay home with my kids and do my work during naptime and evenings. Football season is always crazier since I don’t have as much help in the evenings, but I actually usually get more work done when my husband is working because we don’t sit and watch Netflix together!”

I think this is true in my house as well. I love that Alyssa is using the time her husband is working to build her business and pursue her calling.

When I asked Alyssa if there was anything else she wanted to share she added “So many coach’s wives are awesome examples of ‘strong moms!’ Not just in the physical sense, but it truly takes a tough, confident and strong mama to live this football wife life!”

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I am Strong like Mom by Alyssa Serchia

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