Meet Angie Best

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I’ve long believed that coaches’ wives and athletes’ wives are uniquely gifted and positioned to create amazing partnerships within their communities. Thanks to the ever-expanding digital media market, wives are more innovative than ever. I’m delighted to highlight some amazing business women with you over the next few weeks. Wives who understand that just because their husbands’ life is in the spotlight, their gifts and abilities are not limited especially when they pursue what they love. My hope is that you will be inspired to partner with these amazing women and cheer them on in their ventures.

Meet Angie Best -PiP

Meet Angie Best

Angie is the special programs director of PiP (Players in Progress) which is an organization her parents started over 30 years ago. Angie is called “The Original PiP” because she was in the first PiP group but was also doing these “PiP” skills in the gym with her parents before PiP was started.  Angie transformed from PiP performer to PiP coach and then full-time PiP employee.  Now she not only helps other PiP groups but she also is the PiP coordinator for her local PiP group. 

PiP (Players in Progress)

PiP stands for Players in Progress. It is a non-profit youth organization. PiP groups consist of boys & girls Kindergarten through 6th grade who perform at the half-times of basketball games doing basketball handling skills & tricks. PiP not only creates an early interest in basketball and sports, improves agility, physical skills & general fitness, but also builds self-confidence and self-discipline.

What Part of Your Business are You Most Passionate About and Why?

Angie highlighted four aspects of PiP she loves:

  • PiP allows each child the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd and overcome that nervousness (fear) that keeps so many from trying new things.
  • PiP allows each child to “mess up” and keep going—a valuable lesson!!
  • PiP allows each child to work at her/his own level and be successful!
  • PiPs gain self-confidence & self-discipline. All kids need something to help with this!

How do You Balance Your Work with Coaching?

It’s been amazing to hear stories about kids who have gained experiences and overcome so much from being a PiP.  It’s even more amazing to now see it with my own kids.  I have stories about each of my kids overcoming the fear of getting in front of the crowd; learning to mess up and keep going; to not compare themselves with others (including their big brother, lol), but to do THEIR best.  I am especially seeing the confidence and discipline in my 12-year-old.  

Angie said “My busy season (basketball season) is also my husband’s (basketball coach) busy season. We are non stop during those months and it will only get crazier the older our kids get! But I wouldn’t trade it.   One of the coolest things about PiP is that it is boys & girls, K-6th so many families can have all their kids in the same group!  So all 3 of my kids get to perform together and thankfully their daddy usually gets to see them perform too.  One of my favorite pictures is of my husband’s team sitting on the bench during their own half-time watching my oldest spin 6 balls for the first time in a performance.  Thankfully they were winning that game by quite a bit so they were able to quickly come out of the dressing room to watch the performance.  🙂 

But back to balance….let’s just say the kitchen just isn’t always clean and there are clean clothes on the couch a lot!”

I love that as a family the Bests have found a rhythm that allows for both Angie and her husband to follow their passions!

How to Contact Angie and PiP

Angie explained that PiP not only helps kids with basketball but the learn so many life lessons. If you are interested in learning more about starting a PiP chapter in your area connect with Angie!



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