Meet Anne Rulo

I’ve long believed that coaches’ wives and athletes’ wives are uniquely gifted and positioned to create amazing partnerships within their communities. Thanks to the ever-expanding digital media market, wives are more innovative than ever. I’m delighted to highlight some amazing business women with you over the next few weeks. Wives who understand that just because their husbands’ life is in the spotlight, their gifts and abilities are not limited especially when they pursue what they love. My hope is that you will be inspired to partner with these amazing women and cheer them on in their ventures.

Meet Anne Rulo

Meet Anne Rulo

Anne is an author, speaker and licensed mental health therapist who also happens to be a coach’s wife! She explains that after many years in direct practice as a therapist she am now pursuing writing and speaking as a career.

Anne self-published her first book last fall and maintains an active website and weekly blog in addition to a few social media accounts. The main focuses of her work are devotional writing centered around authenticity, vulnerability, encouragement, and intentionality. In addition to her individual work, Anne and her husband have been serving coaching couples by speaking at marriage retreats for many years. They are passionate about encouraging and supporting coaches and their spouses in the calling of coaching.

What Others Say About The Rulo’s

“The Rulos were wonderful. The scriptures they provided and the narratives to go along with each really spoke to us as a couple. We felt like we could have listened much longer than half a day to the knowledgeable couple.”

“We have enjoyed the speakers every year, but Tim and Ann were SO good because they are living exactly what we do and could speak directly to every day challenges.”

“Tim and Anne were AWESOME! Very down to earth and knowing exactly where everyone was at in their circumstances. Everything they talked about we were going thru!”

Why Did You Choose Your Profession?

Anne said “The coaching couples ministry came about fairly organically. My husband and I regularly attended coaching couples retreats for many years early in our marriage. At one point we started to consider what it may look like for he and I to provide this teaching based on our own “expertise” as I am a licensed marriage and family therapist who is married to a coach. We are “living the life” and can speak directly to the awesome parts and the challenges. The writing and speaking ministry was a very intentional choice that I made in the past year or so. I have always wanted to pursue this avenue and when we recently moved we decided as a couple that this was the time for me to end my time as a therapist and pursue this new career. “

How Do You Balance Your Work with Football?

Anne explained that for her this was a tough question to answer because balance and coaching often do not go well together. “Many coaches, mine included, are inherently wired as vision people. They see what can be and they want to go after it. Even when the coach is working to be balanced, the age of immediate contactability via cell phone, social media, etc. makes that a challenge for coaches. I would say we are not particularly balanced but instead “seasonal.” By that I mean when he has a light week, month, season, etc. we work hard to give me more time to attend to what I need/want to do and vice versa. Both of us are good “grind” people which means if we give the other person a concentrated couple of hours, days, etc. as needed we can get done what needs to be done.”

How To Connect with Anne




When I asked Anne if there was anything else she wanted to share she added: “My biggest goals would be to reach more people with my writing and to also make more contacts for my coach and me to come and encourage local coaching staffs, FCA groups, church, etc. in your marriages.”

If you are looking for a speaker for an event whether it is sports related or not, I highly encourage you to consider reaching out to Anne! Ordell and I have heard the Rulo’s speak at two FCA marriage getaways and have come away with valuable information both times.

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