Meet Caitlin Caserta

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Confession…when Caitlin’s company showed up in my inbox I was nervous. “Oh no,” I thought “I’m going to open this link and either feel ashamed of my body or concerned about the health advice offered.” I majored in athletic training and have worked in the allied health field off and on for almost two decades. I am fully aware of how quickly women are influenced by the wrong advice. That’s why I’m THRILLED to introduce you to our next coach’s wife Caitlin Caserta today.

Meet Caitlin Caserta

Caitlin Caserta - Confident Fitness LLC.

Cait Caserta is the owner of Confident Fitness LLC. She is a college football coach’s wife and mother of two boys. She loves being active with her family, traveling, and baking. Cait holds a Masters of Education in Kinesiology from the University of Maine at Orono and has a worked as a fitness director for a YMCA and has worked in fitness in collegiate settings and is ACSM certified.

Tell Me About Your Business

Cait explained “Confident Fitness LLC is an online fitness coaching business. I help women find confidence in the weight room through strength training and that results in more confidence in life. I work on sustainable nutrition habits with each client as well to help them achieve the results they desire.”

Sustainable nutrition may seem hard to qualify if you are used to yo-yo dieting, so I’ll tell you what I’ve observed. A quick glace at Cait’s IG and Facebook pages reveal real life photos of every day life of this coach’s wife doing life with littles, having fun, leaving milk in the cabinet (been there!) and eating chocolate! She also offers weekend workouts and recipes with REAL foods and minimal ingredient lists.

What Part of Your Business are You Most Passionate About and Why? 

Cait said, “I’m most passionate about teaching women how to strength train and find confidence in their strength that carries over into their life.”

Why Did You Choose This Niche? 

Cait explained, “I chose this niche because I fell in love with strength training while in college. And it’s through strength training that I found the confidence in myself that I had been lacking in my youth. I want all women to feel strong and confident, and worry less about what they look like.”

How Do You Balance Your Work with Coaching?

Cait has a simple plan with two littles she explained “I work on the business at night after the kids go down and any time in between!”

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