Meet Dani Moshier

Dani is a football coach’s wife, a mother, a business owner, and a coach. She is a Kansas girl through and through who loves nature, and what it creates. Coffee with cream is the way to live. She loves all her boys which currently includes her husband, son, & dog.

meet dani moshier

Meet Dani Moshier:

Dani and her mom work together creating home decor and gifts. She explained “K & D Legacy is all about handmade gifts and decor made from natural elements and/or upcycled materials. It all started out with a few coasters and, with my mom’s help, soon became a whole collection of decor items. The majority of our items are inspired by Mother Nature herself. We’ve just enhanced that beauty and made it into something that fits into your home.”

She’s not kidding. Check out this ADORABLE side table!!

K & D Legacy

How Dani Gives Back:

So many of the companies I’ve featured have started with a give back model from the beginning and K and D Legacy also has that built in! Dani explained “When we first started this business, my mom and I wanted to make sure we were giving back. Since day one, 10% of all of our profits have been going towards Project GRL (a part of Joyce Meyer Ministry). Being a mother-daughter team we felt that Project GRL was a way for us to help empowered other women. The program works with women around the globe that have been neglected, abused, or misused, and provides the tools and support to help them towards a life of confidence in who God has made them to be. Many of the materials that we work with are seen as broken and worthless until we bring them into their glory. We want to help women that have similar feelings about themselves to be able to see the inner beauty and embrace it. “

Is that not one of the most beautiful things you have heard?

It’s clear why Dani has an eye for seeing the beauty in what others may see as trash. I asked her what she is most passionate about in her business. She said “I love taking things that are considered junk or trash and turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, wall-hanging, or decoration. This all started out with a piece of firewood. Now I can’t help but see the beauty of nature through a different light. Everything around us is beautiful, and I find myself finding the natural beauty in things because I can foresee the potential that’s there.”

Work/Life Balance

Dani had such a thoughtful response when asked about balancing her business and life. These three tips are excellent for anyone considering starting a business.

Our household is a little crazy in the fall. My Husband coaches football at the local HS and I coach volleyball. Add in being a wife, and mom, and managing a business on the side (in which fall and winter is the peak of sales), it gets a little crazy. There are a few things that I’ve found especially important during the fall when it comes to my business and the rest of life.

1) Plan Ahead. The majority of time consumption in my business is actually making the products. During the summer, I build inventory, do research, get product descriptions written out, etc. Basically anything extra that can be done, I try to do before fall hits.

2) Make a List. Lists are my best friend when I get overwhelmed. Inevitably, fall will be busy, and sometimes hard to manage. Make a list. Prioritize the list. Cross off the list. It simplifies things and helps recognize those things that can maybe wait a day or two while you spend time with the family.

3) Remember Your Why. There is a good reason why I run a small business, married a football coach, have a family, coach volleyball, etc., etc. However, sometimes I forget what the “why” is, and I find myself in a whirlwind of too much going on. It’s easy to lose passion and motivation in those moments. Remembering the reason behind what your doing is sometimes the one thing that will pull you through.

How to Connect with Dani:


When I asked Dani why she chose this niche she said:

I grew up on a farm and learned the value a well-made item early on in life. “Now, in a world where quality is trumped by quantity and handmade is thrown out for mass production, I find myself longing for the care, quality, and craftsmanship of handmade items. On top of that, I’ve been inspired that I can bring my love of nature inside, and into almost any decor style. I want to share my gift with others who feel the same.”

I have to admit, with as many moves as we’ve made I’m often tempted to buy cheaply made items. But Dani’s passion to enhance the beauty of nature coupled with her commitment to giving back has me looking to invest in a few quality items for our home.

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