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Today I’m so excited to introduce you to another coach’s wife who is also a writer! Jamey has recently released her first children’s book combining her background as a talented graphic designer together with her current role as a mother. I loved Jamey’s career advice and her perspective on using how her gifts and talents can bring joy to others as well as herself.

Jamey is the second children’s book author I’ve featured. You can refresh your memory with Alyssa’s story here. But now it’s time to meet Jamey Simpson.

Children's Book Author Jamey Simpson

Jamey is a graphic designer, author, photographer, media specialist, and momma to her own as well as all of her husband’s football boys. Jamey usually prefers to maintain all the comings and goings of things behind the scenes, but has recently stepped into the spotlight with the publishing of her first children’s book, Have You Ever Seen A Noopadoop? She and her husband enjoy supporting each other in all their crazy endeavors.

Here’s My Interview with Jamey

Tell me about your career

 To be honest, my “career” has looked like a patchwork quilt. I graduated from college with an Advertising and Graphic Design degree and then worked for a few years in advertising. After my husband and I started a family, I was blessed to stay at home with my three beautiful kiddos and focus on them as my main job. While they were growing up, I was able to express myself in many outlets along the way from coaching volleyball and track, to freelance graphic design, to photography and even remodeling houses. As the kiddos all made their way to school age, I accepted the media specialist position (and teach yearbook) at the high school where my husband coaches as my day job, but I maintain my freelance graphic design business as well.

Somewhere along the way, I began writing as one of my many outlets and have since published my first Children’s book! I’m super excited to roll out my children’s book. Have You Ever Seen A Noopadoop? It’s a fun, interactive experience for children, and it’s been really fulfilling to see all the kiddos who read it create something fabulous after they read it. I would encourage anyone who reads it to showcase their creations with #noopadoop so we can all enjoy!”

Have you Ever Seen a Noopadoop?
Image provided by Author

I have another children’s book in the illustrating phase as well as another book geared toward coaches’ wives in the works. My husband has written several books, and we are in the process of writing one together for coaches and their wives.

What part of your career are you most passionate about and why?

I’m not sure if this makes me sound like an ADHD chihuahua, but I tend to be most passionate about whatever it is that I’m doing at the time. This is probably because I dabble in so many things, but when I’m in the middle of a project, I just can’t rest until I see it come to fruition. When I’m in football season, it’s probably my sports photography and supporting my husband. When I’m at school, it’s probably trying to figure out how to reach the kiddos and make a positive impact in their lives. When I’m designing, it’s probably me trying to figure out how to make that player/team/sport look the most professional that they can. When I’m writing, it’s probably me wanting to come up with something unexpected. The one thing that can pull me away from any project midway, is my family. So I think it’s safe to say they are my strongest passion.

Why did you choose your niche?

I really do feel like a utility player when it comes to my career because I tend to flutter around trying new things, but if I were to choose a niche, it would probably be my graphic design work. Sometimes when I see someone who has done something particularly amazing in their field, I find myself wishing I could do whatever it is they do. Sometimes, I may or may not have tried to force myself into their mold, only to find that maybe even I do succeed, perhaps I should leave it to the professionals. Continually, I am drawn back to graphic design, particularly with a focus on sports graphics. I realize that the Lord has blessed everyone with a gift, and even though I sometimes wish my gift was something someone else has, I am very comfortable with the gift of design. I think that’s why I had so much fun illustrating my latest book; it combined something I always wanted to do with my design abilities, which in turn hopefully made it a successful venture.

Is there a non-profit/ministry aspect of your business?

Even though I charge for my services the majority of the time, there have been many times that I see I can use my gift to help others. I do most of the graphic design work for our church family, and for my husband’s football teams and other teams at our school. I have also found lots of joy in helping my senior kiddos at school with their graduation invitations.

When you dreamed of the ideal career where your strengths, passions, gifts, and talents would connect did you think you would be doing what you are doing? How are things the same/different? 

Like I mentioned before, I always knew I wanted to be a momma, and that has been a dream fulfilled with my own kids as well as all of our football boys and kiddos at school. When I was younger, I imagined working with computers would be good because I felt that would be a need that would continue to grow. My mother was a teacher, and growing up I never dreamed I would go that route. Now, as the media specialist at school, I find myself getting to teach kids design with my yearbook class, and I also have a role in working with their chromebooks. Looking back to see if there were traces of my design work and authorship, I can see that creativity and reading was present throughout my life, so I suppose it naturally fit into place. I may not have always been one of those kids that knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I did know that I wanted to be the type of person who wasn’t afraid to try new things and not quit before succeeding. I think this has helped with my endeavours along the way.

What is your best advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in your field?

Since my career seems to have so many different branches, I would send out a blanket encouragement to say don’t be afraid to try new things. Sometimes it may not work out how you planned, but I guarantee you’ll learn something from that experience and use it in your next endeavor.

Do you have any tips to share about balancing work and the rest of life? 

I would say prioritizing will always be your best friend. Life tends to balance itself when your priorities are in the right order.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

I’ve been blessed with a husband who is very goal-oriented. Anytime I slightly mention a goal I have, he is very supportive and encouraging. Sometimes he even nudges me out of my comfort zone because he tends to have more confidence in me than I may have in myself.

You can find Jamey

Instagram: jme_simpson

Twitter: @JSimpDesigns

Facebook: Jamey Simpson, Children’s Author

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