Meet Jordan Harrell

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Very few women will willing share their public platform once they have put in the hard work building it to the numbers Friday Night Wives currently enjoys, but very few women have a heart like Jordan Harrell. It is my absolute privilege today to celebrate someone I consider not just a friend but a sister in Christ.

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Meet Jordan Harrell

Jordan Harrell - Friday Night Wives

Jordan acts as editor and founder of Friday Night Wives, which (she explains) means she sits on her couch in her pajamas a lot. She accidentally became a coach’s wife when her husband switched careers while she was pregnant with their second child, and the roller coaster hasn’t stopped rolling since. Her favorite things include her husband and three munchkins, chocolate, worship music, and Amazon Prime.

Tell Me About Your Business

Jordan explains “Friday Night Wives is a blog, shop, and community created for coaches’ wives to connect and find support in their marriages and families when the seasons feel especially long.”

Is there a Non-Profit Aspect to Your Business?

Jordan explains “We like to find ways to support coaching families in need. This has looked like raising money through the sale of a specific product or giving 10% of monthly profits to a specific family. We know coaching families are often stretched thin, so if there’s a way we can supplement their income during especially stressful times, we try to figure out a way to do that.”

While Jordan won’t say this herself I’ll add that there are many more times where FNW has tried to pitch in for coaching families in need but time constraints getting things organized have limited her ability to help as often as she’d like. Still, it’s always amazing to see how small things like a t-shirt or decal fundraiser can have a huge impact on a coaching family!

What Part of Your Business are you Most Passionate About and Why?

Jordan shares her heart so well in this answer!

“The heart of Friday Night Wives is the Facebook group. I see Friday Night Wives first and foremost as a place of encouragement, and I see that encouragement most often through the support wives gives each other within that space and it is truly incredible to watch the way women can connect from across the country, just through honesty and kindness. But my passion is definitely in the blog and the writing. The site was created to be a place where coaches’ wives can share stories and struggles that other wives can relate to and feel less alone.”

Why this Niche?

“I was writing a blog for young moms for several years. I noticed during that time that while there was a ton of support for that group, there didn’t seem to be anything for coaches’ wives. I decided to step away from the mom blog scene to see if I could create something unique that catered to coaches’ wives.”

Some of my favorite posts from Jordan include:

How Do you Balance Work and Coaching?

Jordan sure didn’t mince words here! But yet again her wisdom is worth nothing in my opinion 😉 “First off, balance is bologna. I’m not an excellent juggler, so the balancing act has always been hard for me. I like simplicity. I like rules and steps that I can follow. I can only focus on a few things at a time, so when I feel like too many balls are in the air and I can’t give each thing what it needs, I know it’s time to put some of those balls back where they belong. I give myself permission to say no to things and give myself grace when I’m not doing everything perfectly. My husband doesn’t expect perfection, my God doesn’t expect perfection, so why do I expect it from myself? My brain needs lots of space to breathe in order to focus on what’s important. If I don’t feel like I have the brain space to give my best effort to those important things, I try to take out some stuff. Usually, it’s social media, which means I walk away until I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.”

How to Connect with Jordan:

Website: fridaynightwives @fridaynightwives

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