Meet Katelyn Hill

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Today I’m featuring a fellow Marketer! Thanks to the ever-expanding digital media market, wives are more innovative than ever. I’m delighted to highlight some amazing business women this summer. Start with Anne Rulo’s post to start at the beginning.

Meet Katelyn Hill

Can I just say Katelyn and I have a lot more in common than our jobs? She describes herself as a peanut butter & chocolate lover, task-doer, and wanna-be-baker who should really stick to cleaning instead. She also says “But first, I am a Christ-follower and football wife who roots loudly and unashamedly. And if you’re into the Enneagram, I’m pretty sure I’m a six.”

Katelyn says “I’m a combination of self-taught, school-taught, and life-taught when it comes to marketing and small business. After graduating from Ball State in Marketing, I took on a role as a business consultant and marketing director for a Small Business Development Center. I had the joy of working with hundreds of small businesses to help them grow their business through better marketing, and I am excited to do the same for you!”

What Matters Most Marketing

I asked Katelyn about her business “What Matters Most Marketing is a boutique (a.k.a. small but mighty!) marketing agency that provides services including web design, social media management, and marketing consulting to small business owners. Our goal is to help grow small businesses through simple and effective marketing strategies. We want to help small business owners focus on what they enjoy doing most, and why they started their small business, by focusing on what matters most in their marketing.”

What Part of Your Business are You Most Passionate About and Why?

Katelyn’s heart for her agency is awesome! She answered this question by saying “I am most passionate about the opportunity to help other women in particular and coach’s wives grow a business that they love, they have flexibility with, and that helps provide for their family. I started my own business to achieve those things, and I am excited to help others do that, too!”

She added ” I think that starting a small business is a great move for so many coach’s wives! Everyone has skills, talents, and knowledge that they can provide value with to their niche, and I would love to help you market that! I understand the challenges of starting a new business and getting the clients that you want and need, so I’m eager to come alongside other coach’s wives and help!”

How do You Balance Your Work with Coaching?

Katelyn explained “I have learned to take it a day at a time. I am a HUGE planner, and I like to set a schedule for every day. I have learned that, as you all know, planning doesn’t always work well in the coaching life. I do my best to work at times that I know Coach won’t be home, or will be asleep. If I do have work to do at specific times, we communicate about it and work around it as best as possible.”

Y’all I agree wholeheartedly! I love that my job comes with me wherever we move and is unique every day, however working from home requires planning and discipline to put the laptop away when it’s time to focus on family.

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