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I hope you are loving this summer series I’m doing because I have to tell you it may be my favorite series ever. The variety of women I’ve highlighted already is amazing and I’m not finished yet! Today we’re checking out Kayla Fox, owner of Fly Fox Apparel a Game Day Boutique with emphasis on coach’s wife apparel.

Meet Kayla Fox:

Kayla Fox- Fly Fox Apparel

Kayla is a head football coach’s wife and a mom of four littles. She’s a hair stylist turned boutique owner who is obsessed with Friends, fountain pop, and her husband’s beard. She loves Jesus and believes that nothing matters more than people.

Kayla’s company started from her own desire to have cute apparel to wear to her husband’s football games. Kayla says ” I serve coach’s wives by creating fun and super soft clothes to wear on game day and every day in between. I have found that most CW’s (my affectionate term for coach’s wives) either move often or have many teams they cheer for, so The Fly Fox focuses on neutral color palettes, giving our customers a lot of bang for their buck as they go from school to school. “

What I love about Kayla’s collections is that while it started with game day apparel she has expanded her creativity to include everyday wear, jewelry, purses, and even clothes for kids. Her creativity is endless! (My favorite right now is her nod to Friends t-shirt)

I also love Kayla’s heart. I asked her what she’s most passionate about with her business. She said “Connecting with other wives who get it while encouraging them to be a team with their Coach, positively impact their community, and find a way to not lose their minds and even enjoy it along the way!” That is above and beyond for a creative game day gear vendor but Kayla, true to her word, is a consistent encourager.

How Kayla Gives Back:

Every time you purchase something from Kayla and Co you play a part in changing the life of a child. With each purchase, you support orphan and foster care ministries who meet the needs of children in tangible ways. Ten percent of all proceeds from our collections will go directly into the hands of local ministries whose mission is to serve the foster care and orphan community. Learn more here.

I asked Kayla how she chose her niche and her response again revealed her kind heart. “I needed women who understood me! And I chose for this biz to support foster care because there’s such a huge need in our community and I wanted to help make a difference.”

Work/Life Balance

I asked Kayla about balancing work and life. Her perspective was a great one! “I just go day by day. Monday-Wednesday he’s gone a lot so I work as much as I can (with our four kids) During season, Thursday’s are team meal and Fridays game day, so I take those two days to focus more on the house in the morning because the weekend is coming and I want to just focus on spending time together when he is home. Then back at it on Monday.”

I asked Kayla if there was anything else she wanted to share with Y’all. True to form her thoughtful words cheer us all on.

Coaches’ wives are often lost in the shadows of their husband’s accomplishments, but they are the backbone of any successful program!

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