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I hope you have been loving this summer series as much as I have! I’ve met a lot of amazing coaches’ wive and also learned about some fun new companies! Today is another new company that was not previously on my radar. Kim Grinder is a distributor with Plunder Jewelry Designs.

What I love about Kim’s story is that she is balancing a lot of passions all at once. She’s a wife, mom, science teacher and has dreams of some day opening a jewlery boutique. But for now, she’s finding ways to keep active with her interests and I love it!

Meet Kim Grinder

Kim just completed her 12th year of teaching – currently Biology and Anatomy & Physiology. Her husband is the Head Girls Basketball Coach and Assistant Track Coach at the same school. They have been at three different districts (Amarillo and Houston, TX area) and are blessed to have been able to work together at all three. Currently, they are at Huffman (Go Falcons!), which is a 4A school just outside of Houston. Kim says “We have a beautiful 7-year old, independent, horse-loving sasshole (ha!) of a daughter! She is our world and she entertains us every day!”

Kim Grinder- Plunder Jewelry

Tell Me About Your Business

Plunder is a jewelry line that offers unique, affordable, and trendy jewelry pieces. From basics to personalized pieces. We even have Plunder Prep necklaces that can be customized to any team, which is very fitting in the coaches wives world!

What Do You Love Most About Your Niche?

In January of this year, I decided to join a high school friend’s Plunder team. I am so happy I did because I have had so much fun styling friends and family. The company offers great incentives and all of the stylists and corporate are so encouraging and positive.

How Do You Balance Work and Coaching?

Kim has a lot on her plate, but as you can see she knows what she loves and she’s not afraid to keep moving! Kim answered my question this way:

I am passionate about my teaching career and my Plunder career. Teaching gives me the opportunity to share my passion for science. I LOVE the subjects that I teach and enjoy sharing the content with students. It’s always interesting to hear what kids think and get to know them and what their passions are. I do keep up with a lot of my students after they graduate. I am proud to say that one of my kiddos at my Amarillo school just graduated with her Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Medicine. I taught a Doctor, y’all!!!! I have many others that have done amazing things and are so proud of them!

I enjoy style and fashion so Plunder has allowed me to dabble in that. I would love to own a boutique one day and help style clients from head to toe. Maybe one day….until then, I will help complete outfits with the perfect jewelry!

As always, family comes first. Kennadi has been raised a true coaches kid. She was born in February and was attending open gyms by the end of April. I have also coached cheerleading off and on throughout the 12 years of teaching (currently JV Coach at Huffman), so she has been to almost all football, volleyball, and boys & girls basketball games, as well as some track/XC meets, baseball games, and softball games (Lady Falcons are 2019 STATE CHAMPS). It’s our way of life and it works for us. We are very close to our coaching families and her best friend is a fellow coaches kid – they fight like sisters! We do also make time for her horseback riding – this is her passion, which neither my husband nor I were raised around horses! Pray for us!

How to Connect with Kim

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