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I’m back highlighting amazing wives! Kristen and I have known each other for years. I knew her husband Kyle a few years before her when we were attending the same college. Kyle and I both agree she is his better half and I think after you hear about the amazing work she is doing with her company Kees Designs you will have a small idea of why we think so highly of her.

Kristen Schenk Kees Home Design

Meet Kristen Schenk:

Kristen Schenk is the owner/designer of Kees Home Design, wife of a football coach for the past 13 years and a mom of 4. She resides in Oklahoma City, OK where she and her husband are growing a business, humans and a community of players who live for Christ.

Kees Home Design is a residential interior design firm based in Oklahoma City. They specialize in providing a full range of interior design services, professional organization, and renovations. Their mission is to create beautiful, functional, meaningful spaces for you to live and grow.

But Kristen doesn’t stop there. She has a heart for more than creating beautiful spaces. She explained “We are currently working on developing and raising funds for a ministry house. The vision is to purchase a house, renovate it and allow a woman who needs assistance (single mom, refugee, a survivor of sex trafficking, etc) to reside in the home rent-free for a 2 year period. This would allow them the freedom to pursue education, counseling and/or employment while living in a safe home environment.

Partner with Kristen:

You can partner with Kees Home Design in several capacities including prayer for the right house, finances and partnering with community resources. Financial support is greatly appreciated for the purchase and renovation of the home. If interested you can contact Kristen at Also, during the renovation, they would love volunteers to come work on the house. They will likely need help with plumbing, electrical, painting, etc.

More About Kees Home Design:

I asked Kristen what she loved most about her business. She said ” I am most passionate about design! I truly believe that the design of a room can facilitate growth in your life (spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.) and I adore helping people accomplish that. Talking to clients, finding out their needs and wants then making the room functional and beautiful for their unique lifestyle is so invigorating for me!”

Work/Life Balance

I asked Kristen how she balances a career that is so different than football. I loved her answers:

Ah, the ever elusive balance. I don’t know if balance can ever be attained; I see my work and the coaching lifestyle as an ebb and flow. Some points in the year coaching and family life take the majority of my time.

Other times of the year I can devote more time to my business. I also try to be present in each role. When I’m working I’m 100% focused on work. When I’m with family I’m 100% mom.

“I also ask God to give me business opportunities that coincide with the development of our family and I listen to His guidance. Practically speaking, communication is key and the wonder of shared calendars is essential! With all of our roles (business owner, coach supporter, mom, etc) the job is ever done! So I just ask for a lot of grace!”

What I Love the Most About Kristen’s Story:

Kristen understands that God has created her with a unique set of gifts and talents. She knows when she is thriving and when she feels like her best self. She also knows that it’s okay to pursue her gifts and talents even with four littles to raise. She isn’t compromising her time as a Mama (I promise you she is an AMAZING Mom.) But she also is living in all of her gifting and talents.

“I chose design and home renovation simply because I am passionate about creating home environments for people to thrive in! I could have chosen a corporate business career or secondary education, but God has given me a passion for design my whole life and I wanted a career that would sustain my family, but also be personally fulfilling.”

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