Meet Lisa Compton

I’m SO thrilled to bring back my favorite post of the month! It’s been a few months since I’ve featured someone on my blog for my Wives Who Thrive series. Today I’m excited to introduce you to Lisa Compton. Lisa is a dog mom to Rebound and a basketball coach’s wife! She loves serving her community and those around her. In addition to her love for life and community, she’s an aspiring hair enthusiast. A fun fact is that while Lisa and I connected over social media once we had moved to Central IL, we used to live near to each other. I’ve even visited her campus a few times.

My favorite part about Lisa is that she always takes the time to lift up other women on social media. Her Instagram account is encouraging and positive. She’s balancing a career, side-hustle, AND is always cheering on her husband while he coaches. Meet Lisa and learn more about why she’s one of many wives who thrive.

Lisa Compton Wives Who Thrive Series

Tell me about your career

In addition to being a coach’s wife, I work at a local bank as a marketing assistant and event coordinator.

What part of your career are you most passionate about and why?  

I am very passionate about all aspects of my job! But my most favorite event to plan and coordinate is the annual football bowl games weekend. It’s a HUGE tradition here.

Why did you choose your niche?

I’m an enneagram 6! I like to be prepared and think through everything. Then, think about it again! I created my IG as a means to help coaches’ wives understand this crazy life, but have since found that everyone on IG has been helping ME cope with day-to-day life. I majored in communication, so it’s been somewhat easy for me to talk and post things – although, I do still get very nervous!

When you dreamed of the ideal career where your strengths, passions, gifts, and talents would connect did you think you would be doing what you are doing? How are things the same/different?

I always wanted to be a doctor. Then, I changed my mind after my first year of college and switched my major to communication. It was then that I fell in love with marketing and public speaking. I never thought I would be planning events and speaking to the public for work. Even though I’m not treating patients, I still work with the public.

What is your best advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in your field?

I would tell them to keep up to date with all different types of technology.

Do you have any tips to share about balancing work and the rest of life? 

I always make sure to share a meal with my husband. Eating and talking about life just relieves so much stress. But I always try to schedule 15-30 minutes of “self-time” – working out, reading, sitting in silence.

Connect with Lisa on Instagram @basketballwifelife

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