Meet Mikka Hunt

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Today I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite coaches’ wives Mikka Hunt! Mikka and I met when we had an opening on our staff. I’m always grateful for the seasons God gives me with coaches’ wives who fill me up and my times with Mikka ALWAYS were delightful and encouraging.

Meet Mikka Hunt

“I am married to a college football coach, have a 1-year-old son, 2 dogs, and a cat. I am lucky to currently be home with my little one working part-time from home. I’ve created a little side business that truly is a creative outlet for me. I love making art that gets to tell a story and be a part of so many spaces and lives, even if the role is small.”

Tell Me About Your Business

Mikka’s business name is Stringy Designs by Mikka. As you can see it’s well named. Here’s what she said “I make custom decor using different mediums with a high focus on nails, string, and wood. The designs can be images to decorate an office, kitchen, or living space or the name of your child, favorite sports team, or family phrase. Pretty much anything you can imagine. I like to gather any and all design input before putting together a design so I can know what exactly the customer is looking for and where they would like my creative input in the project.”

“I typically use nails, string, and wood but sometimes I also include paint and other embellishments with some projects. I am happy to use all creative input or use some creative confidence to design the perfect piece for your space. “

stringydesigns by Mikka Hunt

What are You Most Passionate About in Your Business and Why?

Mikka’s answer made me smile because it was another confirmation that when we do the things that are in our wheelhouse we will thrive. She said “I love being a part of and doing something creative and the fact that I can help make different spaces in someone’s life have more charm and story is very gratifying for me. “

Why Did You Choose this Niche?

Mikka explained “I looked back on some of my crafty projects over the years and remembered a string art project I made for my mom years ago. I liked the challenge of designing a project and then seeing it all slowly come together. It always makes me laugh to show someone the project in progress, they have such a hard time seeing my vision- but it is very clear to me. I like that even with my specific art style I can make art and decor for a wide array of spaces and occasions.

How Do You Balance Work and Coaching?

With having a little one it’s the most complicated. I want to be present for my little guy and have quality time with family when everyone is home. That makes carving out time for projects difficult, but my husband is supportive and my kiddo loves when I’m hammering away 😉

How to Connect with Mikka

Instagram: @stringydesigns_bymj


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