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I’ve long believed that coaches’ wives and athletes’ wives are uniquely gifted and positioned to create amazing partnerships within their communities. Thanks to the ever-expanding digital media market, wives are more innovative than ever. I’m delighted to continue my series highlight some amazing business women with you over the next few weeks.  Start at the beginning with Anne Rulo’s post. Today I’m featuring Usborne Books & More Consultant Shaila Walker!

Meet Shaila Walker

shaila walker

Shaila is a Christ follower, college baseball coach’s wife and Mom of Lainey (almost 3), Sydney and REX (5 months). She is a part-time college English teacher who is passionate about learning and literacy. Shaila is also an independent book distributor with Usborne Books & More, but she isn’t in your average salesperson. Shaila explains:

“My vision is to focus primarily on fighting the literacy crisis by getting great books in the hands of the kids with limited access. I can do book drives and fundraisers. Last month (June) I raised funds to donate $635 in books (104 books) to my local Ronald McDonald House. I partner with “hero hosts” who choose organizations that would benefit from free children’s books. They invite their friends to help contribute, and I do the work to make it happen. I can also help organizations, groups, and teams with fundraisers.”

She added “I’ve started this direct sales business very recently, but I’m loving it so much. It’s very rewarding in many ways and there is such variety in what I can do with it to impact kids and spread literacy. I’m eager to grow and do more!” Don’t you love when we are able to find a niche we believe in that also helps our family?

Why Sell Usborne Books & More?

Shaila explained “I was a teacher working with struggling readers at the high school and college levels, but when my twins were born I suddenly had 3 kids under 3, and it no longer made sense for my family for me to work outside the home full time. I wanted a flexible schedule and to work from home, but I still wanted to work in my passion for spreading literacy.”

How do You Balance Your Work with Coaching?

Shaila also pointed out that the flexibility of working from home is helpful with the coaching life. When I asked about work/life balance she pointed out “That was another factor in my decision to leave the classroom. I wanted to be more available to support my husband and his team. I also do a lot of my work after the kids go to bed which is also when my husband is working on things like recruiting and scouting, so it keeps us both busy and minimizes conflict or need for attention when the other is working.”

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