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Stephanie and I connected through our local FCA chapter. Our husbands coach in neighboring communities although they do not compete against each other which is great for us! Stephanie and I have enjoyed getting to know each other through local work-related networking events as well which is why I’m thrilled to tell you about her company The Tutor Doctor. But first, let me introduce you to my friend Stephanie.

Meet Stephanie Hess:

Stephanie Hess- Owner of Tutor Doctor Champaign IL

Stephanie has lived in our area since she was in third grade. She attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale earning Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management. Stephanie summarizes her bio this way ” I have traveled the world but prefer being at home. My favorite TV show is ESPN “30 for 30″. I love workout classes at the YMCA and watching the kids and husband’s sports. We married 4 years ago after meeting at the Stephens Family YMCA in Champaign IL.” Stephanie’s husband is currently the Head High School Football Coach. He’s also the former HS Girls Track Coach and former Basketball Coach.

Tell Me About Your Business:

The Tutor Doctor provides tutoring and test prep for all subjects and all ages specializing in students with special needs. We hold special contracts with the University of Illinois. We also run a Middle School After-School Tutoring program.

How Stephanie Gives Back:

A portion of our After-School Tutors are volunteers as our Grant is small and we work to provide one-to-one support to certain students who need the help. Many of these After School Tutors truly enjoy helping students with Reading, Writing and Math. We support many groups through the High Schools but supporting a football team is very “ministry-like.” Husband has a weekly FCA Huddle Coach for RTHS which is a separate ministry.

What Part of Your Business are You Most Passionate About and Why?

Stephanie explained her favorite part is ” Helping each student reach their own individual goals. Every student is different and I love finding the way that each student learns most effectively and the best tutor match for each student.”

Why Did You Choose this Niche?

I love Stephanie’s answer, how cool to be able to serve a need so successfully!
“Our Niche in our tutoring business is Special Needs which we did not choose. Our special needs niche found us. We had success with several special needs cases and the word spread. We’ve had requests for specific needs and are able to find tutors and personalize programs for the student.”

How Do You Balance Work and Coaching?

Stephanie’s honesty is so appreciated 🙂 “I don’t balance work with coaching, lol. I try to fit as much in every day I possibly can and fall asleep exhausted.”

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