Middle School Reflections from the Sidelines

6 Questions to ask your kids -Lisa Whittle

With both boys in middle school this year I’ve begun to do a few things with more intentionality than previous years. I have a Powersheets goal to take one on some sort of a date each month, and I’m focusing some of our time on a few of these six questions inspired by Lisa Whittle’s podcast 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Teens 

6 Questions for middle school reflections from the sidelines:

  1. How’s your heart?
  2. How can I pray for you and your friends?
  3. What’s making you happy right now?
  4. What’s making you worry right now?
  5. Where are you and Jesus right now?
  6. Is there anything else you want to tell me you haven’t shared yet?

This list is simple enough that my kids have started to anticipate some of the questions and share the answers before they are asked. What I love about them is that they are broad enough to let the boys share something different each time and still specific enough to take a pretty good temperature of their heart and mind.

Middle school is tough even in an amazing school like ours and giving my kids the chance to tell me anything they want without their brother around has helped me see school a bit more through their eyes. Life on the sidelines isn’t always easy, but it’s the best view I could ask for, so I’m thankful to have a cheat sheet to keep my view as clear as possible.