Momnesia Guest Post

I’m writing over at Momnesia Guest Blogger today! The theme fellow coach’s wife Julie Short and worship leader Sarah Mclaughlin Sharing the stories we want to remember, and the ones we wish we could forget. I’m thankful Julie reached out and asked me to share. Today I’m sharing a lot more about my pregnancy with Levi than I’ve ever shared before.

Here’s a Preview:

Elijah’s first birthday fell on Mother’s Day. It was a busy weekend filled with a baby shower and birthday party. By the time Mother’s Day came around I was understandably exhausted, but that didn’t explain the other symptoms I was experiencing.

Sure enough, a quick test later confirmed I was pregnant. Twelve months earlier the same test was embraced with celebration, this time, only fear. I was under strict instructions not to get pregnant due to complications with my first pregnancy. Additionally, as an assistant football coach for a Division 3 college, my husband’s salary was not where we needed it to be to support a family of 4.

I waited as long as I could to share the news with friends. Due to the classification of a high-risk pregnancy and frequent ultrasounds, we shared the news that we were pregnant and having a boy all at the same time.

Celebration from others did little to quell my fears. In fact, with each approaching week I wondered if I would even meet my second child. But I didn’t share much more than that the pregnancy was high risk. It was hard to convey the reality of the situation because in many ways it felt as if I was watching everything play out from the sidelines.

You can read the rest over at Momnesia