Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Well here in Illinois we’re still sheltering in place until the end of May so this year I’m focusing on Mother’s Day gifts for around the home.

Mothers Day Gifts

Home Decor

What about a beautiful new print to spruce up a room? These pick and paint prints are garden fresh from Claudia b design

Fresh flowers or a plant from a local garden store a great way to brighten up someone’s day! Our Farmer’s Market is slowly opening again and many farmers sell flowers at their stands.

I love the simplicity of the Hearth & Hand With Magnolia line at Target as well. The faux plants, dish towels, and little dishes will go with any kitchen.

Backyard Comfort

If you don’t have a Propane Fire Pit or a wood-burning fire pit this seems like the year to get one. I know I’m looking forward to spending more time in the backyard and I love the idea of turning on a fire! (Yes you read that correctly, I said turning on the fire)

A Patio Set

Pair your new fire pit with comfortable seating for the whole family. At some point, Netflix is going to get old. You may even be running out of things to watch! Why not grab a book and read outside for a while? Grab the sunscreen and a water bottle for an extended time out in the sun, or pop open an umbrella.

A Subscription Box for Relaxing

Does your wife knit and crochet, embroider, cook, or paint to relax? Consider signing her up for a monthly subscription where she can receive a kit of some sort. Even the best crafters have a hard time figuring out the planning part of the projects. It’s relaxing to have that aspect prepared in advance.

Check out these options:

Gift Cards for Take Out

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been cooking a lot more than we’re used to and it’s getting old. Give your wife permission to take a few days off by giving her a stash of gift cards to cash in when she’s ready for a break. Pick her favorite restaurants so you know she’ll be eager to use them rather than save them for later like moms tend to do.

Books and Bible Studies

There are so many great books that have released in recent months!

Anne Rulo released her second Bible Study. And Lisa Whittle recently released Jesus Over Everything which also includes a Bible Study. I’m LOVING the Beholding and Becoming set.

Here a few books to consider:

Don’t forget to check out my Published Work page!

Don’t forget those acts of service gifts!

Clean the house for your Mama! Really get the grime out of the corners that’s built up over the last few weeks and purge all the yuck out of the house. Let’s turn the corner on these weeks of chaos with clean cabinets, shelves, and storage areas.

Give mom a break and let her go for a nice long walk while you clean. This will help her avoid the temptation to pitch in and take over.

You’ve got this! You can do an amazing job of honoring your mom even while sheltering in place.

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