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Well in the football world wives all over the country are preparing to move. They are packing up houses, hunting on Zillow, and putting in requests for school and medical records. It’s that time of the year and as we are filling boxes ourselves I’ve realized I’m much more organized this move than in the past. Seventh time’s the charm?


In the early years of football, I spent every August purging the house. I found it not only kept me busy during camp, but it was a great time for a garage sale. This time around we got the whole family involved because we had a deadline. With the end of the year approaching quickly I was motivated to get as much out of the house as possible.

We went through books, the kitchen, clothes, toys, games, and storage. I’d created a fairly large pile at some point in the summer, so we pulled that out of the basement and added to it. After we had brought everything out and itemized it we consolidated it and let it sit for two days. Then, I went through everything one more time. We added to that pile and by the end four SUV’s full of times were out of the house.

Purging doesn’t just need to include things you no longer use. This time around we are getting rid of two dressers, two couches, a desk, and a large storage unit. The furniture is currently being used and has served us well. It will take up a significant amount of space on a moving truck and it’s no longer in the best condition.

If my calculations are close we’ve downsized by an entire room so far, and there’s at least one more round to go.

moving a common part of coaching


Although the extra cash from a garage sale is always nice in the middle of a move it’s not always the best option. Our last out of state move I scheduled a huge garage sale and it ended up raining. I was stressed and giving away things by the end. This time around I’m not dealing with a garage sale.

As we dropped off a set of dishes a woman was walking up to the GoodWill. She saw us pull them out of the car and got on her phone. Those dishes went straight home with her. The smile on her face was awesome.

Color Code

Boxes can get jumbled whether you move or have movers handle things. A strategy that works for us is to organize boxes by duct tape color. I taped all the boxes that needed to be grouped together with the same colors. Then, each area was designated with the color. Purple for our bedroom, blue for the boys. Toys were blue with mustaches, green for the kitchen. It didn’t matter who had a box when people pulled stuff off the truck everyone knew where things went.

**This strategy works best when you know the layout of the house you are moving into.


As you try to use everything in the pantry it can make for some pretty unique meals. I’ve found that Pinterest can turn scraps into a feast. We’ve discovered new favorites with this strategy!

Boxes, Boxes and More Boxes

It’s never enough. Every time you turn around there will be more to pack. Every drawer you swear you’ve cleared will behold surprises. You will need multiple sizes of boxes, sturdy ones at that. We’ve collected Rubbermaid bins along the way just to keep the need for so many boxes down. This move will likely increase our tub collection, but it won’t be enough. We will need boxes!  Head to the hospital, grocery store and local businesses. Paper boxes and produce boxes are my personal favorites.

Hang in there Sister! You will be settled again soon, and then the fun of putting things away begins.

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  1. My two favorite tips: Pinterest to clean out the pantry and color-coded tape. Genius! I’m sorry you have to move again, but I’m trusting God has a great adventure waiting for you on the other side. Hugs from #FirstFive!

  2. These are awesome moving tips!! We moved very recently, and each and every thing you listed here made our lives so much easier in the process!!

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