My Favorite Organization Resources

Our lives are incredibly busy. It’s no wonder we’re always looking for ways to stay organized! I’ve created a list of my favorite apps and tools and strategies to stay organized all year long.

My Ultimate Organization List:

Amazon Wish Lists or Do you draw a blank when family asks what the kids what for their birthdays? Did you receive another turtleneck even though you find them suffocating? Save everyone the headache of playing the guessing game and keep a Wish List going of items the every member of the family needs and wants. You can include everything from gift cards for date nights to specialty items such as that camera lens you have drooled over for months.

Shared Google Calendar I know there are a lot of fancy calendar apps out there, but I keep coming back to Google Calendar. It’s free, I have to use it for work, and it has all the features we need to stay functional. Every family member has an assigned color, it updates in live time from app or desktop, the alarms are adjustable, and there is a task feature for the calendar. It also syncs with Gmail email and Google Keep, which may be my absolute favorite app on the face of the earth.

Google Keep This may be Google’s best app, that they don’t promote for some weird reason. Here is a great post on some excellent ways to use the app. Just like Google Calendar, Keep has realtime updating from both the phone app and desktop. This means that when I’m at the grocery store if Ordell adds something to our shared grocery Keep list I see it immediately, even if he doesn’t realize I’m at the store. You can set alarms to lists, you can include images, pin important lists to the top, and change out lists for notes. Everything is backed up to your Google Drive so if you have a long note you can copy the information into a Google Doc by sending it directly to a doc from the app. You can also send messages privately on social media. Each section looks like a post-it note to me, especially when color-coded.

I have running lists for:

  • Future library books to check out and suggest the boys to lookup
  • Grocery lists for the regular store and Sam’s Club (separate)
  • Notes from Podcasts, sermons, or conversations that have sparked blog post ideas
  • A to-do list of things I need to remember (I can set an alarm on this)
  • My monthly doTerra order

While we’re talking about my favorite apps I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Airtable. This robust desktop and Phone app program is my absolute favorite collaboration system for work. And my goal is to eventually move my personal lists over here as well. It simply hasn’t happened yet. And to be honest, it’s nice to have just a tiny separation between work and home by opening a different app for work tasks.

The Tile App Do you lose your keys, your phone, your wallet or all of the above? This is the best item for you. One little square on your keyring will allow you to find your phone and your keys. A disc in your wallet will allow you to find your phone and your wallet. When connected with a Google Nest you can find anything. I should note you have to have your Bluetooth on your phone enabled.


Plan to Eat This all in one meal planning platform allows you to keep recipes from Pinterest, cookbooks, and magazines altogether in one space. Plan menus in detail for as many meals and snacks a day as you need. There is also a space for special notes. Once your menu is set, check the Shop tab to see what you will need to pick up from the grocery store.

Read About My Meal Prep Strategy Here and Here and download my Cooking for a Crowd spreadsheet here


I’m a big believer in not spending money if I don’t have to, and after over a decade of living on a shoestring budget, I’ve learned a ton of ways to stretch a buck. Here are my favorite apps and strategies:

Fetch Rewards With Fetch Rewards, you earn some points for everything you buy, but you can increase your earnings by selecting their featured deals for the month. I love this app because it is way less tedious than Ibotta and I’m rapidly building rewards. Use B0HYE  (that’s a zero) for a bonus 2,000 points when you get started with Fetch Rewards!

 Swagbucks and MyPoints both have apps that allow you to earn points for watching videos. I downloaded both apps onto my phone and while I’m working I take time each day to watch videos. I also use Swagbucks as my search engine which is great since I do a ton of research for work.

Here’s the link to the Swagbucks App and Here’s the link for MyPoints

Before I make an online purchase I check Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Rakuten to determine which will earn me the most cashback.

For example, when I order my Walmart and Sam’s Club groceries I do it through my desktop browser instead of the apps because then I can earn Swagbucks on the orders.

Kohl’s Cash: If you aren’t taking advantage of a Kohl’s credit card I highly encourage you to consider doing so immediately. You can pay the balance off as soon as you walk in the door, but the layers of discounts on top of sales make this the one store card worth having in my opinion.

S’more App S’more is an app that allows you to earn points in exchange for allowing us to place ads & content on your lock screen. Every day we’ll give you points in exchange for having the S’more lock screen installed.  (use code YLRBLF to earn a bonus for you and me!)  Additional points can be earned by filling out qualifying surveys or filling out special offers. We’ve figured out you can let this run through the night and still earn your credits.


Of course, my moving binder is my favorite moving resource, but I’ve also compiled a few lists of resources for you with links to keep bookmarked for you to help every aspect of your move go well.