My Life Statement Including Delight

In the You’re Already Amazing Growth Guide by Holley Gerth encourages participants to write a Life Statement. The statement is more than direction. Several exercises combine to discover strengths and gifts. I’ve wrestled with mine feeling as if something has been missing. When reading Daring to Hope Katie Davis Major’s conviction lifted the veil on why my own life statement had yet to feel complete.

“I look down at my feet, filthy from this day of trekking through dust. I feel the sweat drip down my brow. I will show up to heave like this too. Worn and dirty from the effort of giving all I have. Scarred from loving deeply, living fully, hoping wildly.” Katie Davis Majors

Katie knows she is giving 100% of her life to God. She is living where he has called her. She is still wrestling, but she knows the delight of her Lord is in her and upon her.

My Life Statement:

I am created and called to express my faith through love especially by:

  • Partnering with Ordell to serve and mentor those God place in our path
    • By opening our home and providing a safe and welcoming environment.
    • By listening to God to work as a team to raise our sons to glorify God and follow him first.
  • I am called by God to write and speak truth and encouragement into the hearts of those God places in my personal path to mentor and/or cheer on meeting them in the season of life they are currently in and walking alongside them until our life journey’s part.
  • Scarred from loving deeply, living fully, hoping wildly, I will enter heaven and hear “My child your obedience delighted me daily.”

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