No More Weeping

31 Days on Delight


“And I will be full of joy because of Jerusalem. I will take delight in my people. Weeping and crying will not be heard there anymore.” Isaiah 65:19

It might be tempting to assume Isaiah, an Old Testament prophet was speaking to the Israelites about the Israelites. But Isaiah was prophesying of all that still IS to come.

“See, I will create
    new heavens and a new earth.
The former things will not be remembered,
    nor will they come to mind.
But be glad and rejoice forever
    in what I will create,
for I will create Jerusalem to be a delight
    and its people a joy.
I will rejoice over Jerusalem
    and take delight in my people;
the sound of weeping and of crying
    will be heard in it no more.”

Isaiah 65:17-19

I will create Jerusalem to be a delight and it’s people a joy. God creates things to delight in them. Those who call God Savior will join him in heaven (new heaven and new earth) and will live in this delightful creation with him.

God delights in people, he delights in our actions, but he also delights in that which he creates for his people. It seems silly to wonder if God would delight in me, the creation he made most similar to his image when he would delight in all he creates.

I’m writing this in participation with Write 31 Days!