One Word 2017 Reflection

one word 2017 still

Entering 2017 our family knew we would be moving, but we did not know when or where. The uncertainty of the season we were put in aligned with a stirring God had laid on my heart a few months earlier. I felt a deep conviction to sit still before the Lord with an expectant heart.

Part of the process of entering my “still” year was to step away from ministry. This ended up being a necessary anyway as our move took us out of state far away from the roots we’d planted for 4 years.

As we downsized every aspect of our lives preparing for the move I was constantly aware of the tension of being still in a season of chaos. Before March was over we were working to establish ourselves in our new community and find our new normal. In the midst of all the change and hard God opened my eyes to a new path that was clear.

Writing has always been a passion area. I remember trying to write books as young as third grade. I discovered blogging when I was a stay at home mom desperate for a reminder I still had important thoughts to offer the world. Blogging and mentoring were my constant lifelines to the outside world.

In-person, one-on-one mentoring has evolved as life has moved on and what was once a coffee date in my living room has morphed into sporadic Google Hangouts. The one constant in the life of a football family is that no two years will ever look the same, and it can be easy to get caught up in the chaos of constant change.

Being Still Before God Helped Me:

  • Evaluate my daily calendar
  • Evaluate what I was doing because I had always done it vs. what I was being called to do now
  • Where my pain points were
  • How to pause to look and see God moving before I took a step

As I stuck to my commitment to be still God cleared a path I never expected. Halfway through 2017, my decade-plus hobby of blogging shifted to gainful employment. But God wasn’t finished there. Our move opened the door for me to attend a writing conference in October and it was there God whispered to me to look up and listen.

Speakers offered practical advice through the two days, but they also continued to remind us that writing is a calling from God. Above all, with everything written we will do well to remember God has a word for us to write to the world. He is looking to use our voices for his glory.

Entering 2018 God has clarified a path for me which allows writing and blogging to fulfill my calling, a ministry, and employment. With a singular focus on one craft, I can now focus daily on improving my skill while still continuing the disciplines I learned in 2017.

In November of 2017, a shift in my heart was undeniable. I can only describe it as a release. I’ve learned to pause and press into those moments and in that pause, I once again heard something I never expected to hear. It’s time to get ready.

And with that my year has shifted from being still, to become ready. More on this Thursday.