Organization Strategies

One of the best things I heard in 2018 was an honest answer the question “How do you do everything?” Thankfully, we’ve started being honest with ourselves and those around us and we’re admitting that we don’t do everything. The best tool in a coaching family’s tool belt is the ability to ask for help, but we can’t delegate everything.

Organization strategies are only as good as one’s ability to implement them, so it’s important to take the time to figure out what systems work best for you and implement them slowly. It takes several weeks to develop a habit and changing everything at once is often too overwhelming.

Identify Your Pain Points

The first step is to organization is to consider your pain points.

  • What are the most overwhelming, stressful, or frustrating parts of your week?
  • What times of the day do you find yourself with too much to do?
  • What are the things you are always forgetting?

Block Calendar

Next, take time to breakdown your day into 30 or 60 minute increments. Here is an example of what my calendar look like. It’s broken down by color. Dark green is exercise, purple is a weekly Bible study.

block calendar

The best part of creating a block calendar is the opportunity to see everything in one location from start to finish. You will notice my calendar has a lot of white space. Those times are intentionally included to remind me to rest.

Your block calendar will also help you embrace a realistic perspective of what you can and can not take on when you are asked to volunteer or increase your workload.

Digital vs. Analog

I’ve found that for our family digital is best, especially apps that update in live time. Whether my husband is on the road or at work, we don’t have to remember to update each other.

For Example:

Google Calendar (color-coded of course) means we all have access to what is scheduled. By including the location in the calendar appointment we can easily trade who is driving the kids around without needing to give directions.

Google Keep allows for shared lists. We have a grocery list that we can both add things to when we think of them. This drastically reduces the time spent trying to remember what it was I was asked to get “the next time I’m at the store.”

Plan to Eat is recipe storage and meal planning all in one. It works seamlessly with online recipes and also stores images. You can also add recipes manually.

Still, while digital apps are great for collaboration I love using Powersheets for my personal goals and tasks. Writing things down solidifies them in my mind and helps me to process in a different way.

Take time to figure out what areas you need organizational help in and hop on Pinterest of the App store. I promise you will find a list of suggestions to consider.

Regardless of what you do to implement structure and organization into your weeks, it’s worth the time and effort to set things up for long-term stress reduction. Making sure everyone knows what is going on is a great start.

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