Virtual Assistant Work

Every few months a fellow coaches’ wife asks about streams of income other than direct sales and I pull out my blog post Top Jobs for Coaches’ Wives. When you move frequently it can become challenging for your spouse to find a job. Employers see those job changes in different … Read More

Stay Organized with Airtable

One of the most important aspects of thriving is mental clarity and to do that I have to have my weeks organized. By no means is our family unique in our business. The one additional challenge with mental clarity I have at times is that my hypothyroidism can greatly reduce … Read More

Meal Prep to Help Your Sanity

Since our life often revolves around football there are some months that feel longer than others. The weeks in the months of October, April, and July tend to drag on a little longer than other months. They commonality is that they are the middle months of each season. In-season, Off-season … Read More

Quick Meal Prepping

One thing that never ends is the need to cook dinner. It’s become one of the most predictable and difficult questions to answer in recent months. The reality is that when we’re in-season focusing on meal preparation is the best thing I can do to keep our budget on track. … Read More

Personalize Your Weekly Planner and Thrive

One of the ways my beta readers advocated for future readers of Lessons from the Sidelines was by requesting that I develop a series of worksheets to help translate the ideas I present in my book into actionable steps. The Thriving in Your Sweet Spot Action Plan is a free … Read More