Our Blue Apron Experience

I was given a code to try Blue Apron completely free of charge. The code allowed for two-person meals to be free, family meals for three to four people to include a small additional charge, so I opted for the two person package.

I was able to make a few preference selections on the website like eliminating shellfish, beef or meat altogether. I highlighted that poultry, fish and pork would be ok. I was able to choose the day of delivery between Wednesday and Saturday. A few days before the meal was to arrive I received an email notification with pictures and titles of the meals I was to receive.

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous because my husband doesn’t normally like fish unless it’s fried and I hadn’t seen the ingredient combinations together before. Still, looking ahead at upcoming weeks on the website all of the menus included meals I hadn’t previously prepared or even tasted.

The packaging was very organized, labeled, and sealed well. The ice blocks and insulation wrap worked perfectly surrounding the food. As I unpacked everything I noticed that the produce was firm and without blemish. A quick survey of ingredients revealed that nothing was omitted. Had I chosen to make the meals in a different order than presented on the website I would have missed the garlic. One bulb was included for two meals, but it was in a brown paper bag of extras for the first meal.

In addition to the printed instructions the Blue Apron website has videos you can watch to instruct you on how to prepare the food.


I discovered that I like beets! Additionally, roasted chick peas. I prepared fish that my husband ate.

Additionally, I like roasted chickpeas.

I prepared fish that my husband ate.

The ingredients were truly fresh.

All three meals were very tasty and reasonable on the calorie counts.

The directions were very clear and easy to follow.


I used a ton of cooking utensils with each meal.

I couldn’t select for allergies on the website, so where I usually eat gluten free, I was unable to do that.

Everything needed to be prepared the day of consumption. This might not be true of all menus, but the three meals I was given wouldn’t have held up more than a few hours let alone overnight.

It’s expensive.


Seared Barramundi with collard greens, Fregola Sarda, and shallot agrodolce (below)

Kale and Tahini Flatbreads with beet and pear salad (above)

Bottom Line:

Although we enjoyed all the meals we ate this week, I ended up having to do a lot more prep and clean up than I normally do and the meals weren’t within my normal dietary restrictions. That plus the cost factor doesn’t make this a reasonable weekly option for our family. I may try it again for a special occasion. It enjoyed the experience and understand why people are ordering from them so often!