Our First Real Spring Break


For the first time that I can remember our family experienced a traditional spring break. Now that everyone is on the same school calendar and we aren’t in the process of packing and moving we had the chance to have our first week home, without football.

I’ll admit I had dreams of heading to a water park, but with archery, basketball, and a full work week for me it was best just to hang out at home and continue to explore our city.


A Wrinkle in Time was still showing. Thanks to a flexible work schedule we squeezed in a matinee.

Hanging with Friends

Each of our kiddos spent time with friends over the week, which may not sound like a big deal, but it’s very rare. I’ve been shocked at how hard it is to find common times to get together with people here. The bigger the city, the more opportunities. That’s great, but also has negatives.


Ordell and I snuck off to a coffee shop for some time out. Our town has SO many cute coffee shops! A new one I’m loving has a ton of gluten-free dessert choices.

After years of spring break missions trips, recruiting, no spring break due to snow day makeups and moving it was amazing to have a week at home to just relax.