Athletes Who Choose

An educator made a comment recently as we discussed the transition to e-learning and the impact on older students. It’s one I hadn’t considered before. She said past a certain point in a child’s education teachers do not educate, students choose to learn. Her point was that a teacher can … Read More

Meet Lindsay Hufford

I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Lindsay today for my Wives who Thrive series! Lindsay and I are in the same Mastermind group and it has been so fun to watch her flower farm business in Michigan grown from last season to this season. What I admire … Read More

Megan Hall

Have you heard about the enneagram? Did you know that you can mistype yourself? A few months ago I was editing my book and preparing a seminar for the Pursue Coaches’ Wives retreat and took a deep dive into some enneagram information. I’d long assumed I was a Type 2, … Read More

Andrea Stunz

Have you ever felt deep down you were called to do something? Have you observed someone thriving in their career and thought how easy and fun something looked only to later discover pursuing the career requires extra education? Have you talked yourself out of pursuing something because you’ve convinced yourself … Read More

Book Review: The Path Between Us

The Path Between Us :An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships is Suzanne Stabile’s independently written book following The Road Back to You, which she co-wrote with Ian Cron. The distinguishing difference is that The Road Back to You is described as a basic primer that introduces you to each of … Read More