Meet Mikka Hunt

Today I’m so excited to introduce you to one of my favorite coaches’ wives Mikka Hunt! Mikka and I met when we had an opening on our staff. I’m always grateful for the seasons God gives me with coaches’ wives who fill me up and my times with Mikka ALWAYS … Read More

Meet Kristen Schenk

I’m back highlighting amazing wives! Kristen and I have known each other for years. I knew her husband Kyle a few years before her when we were attending the same college. Kyle and I both agree she is his better half and I think after you hear about the amazing … Read More

The High School Side of Signing Day

Even with the addition of an early signing day in December the beginning of February marks the time when football families around the country rejoice. Hopefully, with players announcing their commitments team numbers will look strong enough at this point that families get their coaches back for a few additional … Read More

My Life Statement Including Delight

In the You’re Already Amazing Growth Guide by Holley Gerth encourages participants to write a Life Statement. The statement is more than direction. Several exercises combine to discover strengths and gifts. I’ve wrestled with mine feeling as if something has been missing. When reading Daring to Hope Katie Davis Major’s conviction … Read More

Desires Controlled By Sin

“The desires controlled by sin do not want what the Spirit delights in. And the Spirit does not want what the desires controlled by sin delight in. The two are at war with each other. That’s why you are not supposed to do whatever you want.” Galatians 5:17 I function … Read More