To the Coach’s Wife Who Thinks She’s Failing…

I always have high hopes for August. When Ordell was coaching college and players reported to campus the first few days of the month I had a few weeks of days with a flexible schedule. I would purge our closets and storage areas, organize the pantry and put freezer meals together, … Read More

Dear Coach’s Wife…

I’m writing over at Friday Night Wives about all those feelings we coaches’ wives feel when we enter a new community. Here’s a preview: Dear Coach’s Wife in a New Town, It’s almost spring here in Central, IL which means that any time the sun peeks out I adjust my … Read More

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Coach’s Wife

If you are searching for the perfect gift for your favorite coach’s wife, I’ve created a list of gifts that range from practical to amazing. I’m avoiding all the typical gifts such as jewelry, gift cards, flowers, and dinner out and instead highlighting the items you may have a little … Read More

Finding Your Voice as a Coach’s Wife

I had the privilege of chatting with Anne Marie Cross this past Sunday evening on her podcast The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast. We chatted briefly about my journey to finding my voice, and the process of learning pursue my passions. As you might imagine, it’s hard to concisely present a life journey … Read More