Personalize Your Weekly Planner and Thrive

One of the ways my beta readers advocated for future readers of Lessons from the Sidelines was by requesting that I develop a series of worksheets to help translate the ideas I present in my book into actionable steps. The Thriving in Your Sweet Spot Action Plan is a free … Read More

Wives Who Thrive- Small Business Edition

Let me tell you, friends, it never gets old. Cheering on other coaches’ wives who are thriving in their sweets spots is my absolute favorite thing to do every month. As a Content Strategist I’m passionate about helping small businesses develop their unique stories and getting to do that for … Read More

Lessons from the Sidelines

Lessons from the Sidelines Beth Walker is an author and speaker who has partnered with her husband for twenty years, in leadership and ministry both on and off the football field. Beth is passionate about encouraging women to pursue their individual passions and callings. She is a contributor to Friday … Read More

How to Bloom Where You’re Planted

Along with many other designations, September is National Prosper Where You’re Planted Month. The phrase “prosper where you are planted” isn’t one we often hear. However, I’m hopeful “bloom where you’re planted” sounds familiar. The expression “bloom where you’re planted” means to stop looking for ways to exit your current … Read More

Supporting Small Businesses and Ministries

Since 2016 I’ve worked for a Digital Marketing agency based in Melbourne, Florida. We partner with clients in many different industries all around the globe with a multi-tiered approach to help each client tell their individual stories. I’m passionate about storytelling. It says so in my work bio. 😉 I … Read More