Meet Kayla Fox

I hope you are loving this summer series I’m doing because I have to tell you it may be my favorite series ever. The variety of women I’ve highlighted already is amazing and I’m not finished yet! Today we’re checking out Kayla Fox, owner of Fly Fox Apparel a Game … Read More

5 Important Things Coaches’ Wives Should Know

It’s job transition season! This is by far the hardest time of year for coaching families for many reasons, but for me, the brutal part of this time of year is that this is when it hits home that football is a business. Even when you feel like you work … Read More

The Season Stock Up List

  Football season is here! Weeks of summer practice have been replaced with…well, actually weeks of practice. But now there are games to prepare for and that has increased the energy level in our household. Time is short with all of our weekends book for the next several months. I’ve … Read More

On Transition

November-January are some of the hardest months for me when it comes to college football life.  These are the months when friends lose jobs, friends move, and other coaches transition onto staffs all over the country.  January especially seems to be the month when families live apart while new jobs … Read More