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One of the ways my beta readers advocated for future readers of Lessons from the Sidelines was by requesting that I develop a series of worksheets to help translate the ideas I present in my book into actionable steps. The Thriving in Your Sweet Spot Action Plan is a free downloadable PDF that includes a variety of pages to help you dream, set boundaries, and break down your ideas as you begin to pursue your calling into achievable SMART goals. Of course, I don’t expect you to do any of this on your own which is why I’ve set up a Mighty Network for people to ask me questions as well as others who are on the journey of pursuing their callings. We’d love for you to join us and share what you’re learning whenever you’re ready.

Goals Require Tending

It takes time to sit down and work through my Understanding Your Calling worksheets and then set SMART goals. Once you begin to thrive in your sweet spot you will be on your way for a while, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need to revisit your goals from time to time. If you take that stack of worksheets and put them on your desk we all know what will happen. Sooner or later they will end up in the mail pile, the recycle bin or mixed in with your kids’ homework. So, to help you maximize your opportunities to achieve your goals, today I’m going to give you a few ideas of different ways to incorporate your worksheets into your planner.

Choose Your Planner

As you can see I’m using the Friday Night Wives planner for the next six months. It’s new this year and it’s adorable. It has a lot of functional spaces for notes in addition to scheduling appointments. I can meal plan each day, and each month starts with sections to record major dates, prayers, and things to remember. My planner is full-sized, however, you can adjust the page sizes on a PDF:

You can also increase the size. If there is a section you want to print larger, like the 5 Stages of Burnout, you can increase the size to 200%. Take your time and select a planner that will work for you. A few features you might want to look for include a pocket that can hold extra pages and a loop of some sort that will hold a pen or pencil.

Ideas to Include Your Goal Sheets

My planner doesn’t have my block calendar page. If you’ve read anything from me about the block calendar you know it’s been a huge part of my organizational journey. It’s the number one way to avoid burnout, establish healthy boundaries, and stay sane it starts with setting up a block calendar. There are only so many hours in a day and it’s very easy to double-book ourselves if we don’t have a clear idea of our priorities. I need my block calendar with me when I’m scheduling appointments so I want to make sure it’s securely clipped into my planner.

If you have specific goals you’re focusing on, like your budget, you may want to keep those front and center so you can track spending. You can also move your block calendar around like a bookmark for each week as you schedule appointments. Keeping it front and center will remind you to review your boundaries before saying a final yes.

A few more ways you can use the Thrive in Your Sweet Spot Action Plan worksheets is to take sections of them and utilize blank sections of your planner to personalize sections. Cut out the 5 Stages of Burnout or your Mission Statement and place them where you’ll see them as often as you need to review them.

Hopefully, that gives you a few ideas to leverage all the tools you have available as you’re on your way to thriving in your sweet spot! Have you ordered your copy of Lessons from the Sidelines yet?

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