Pimento Cheese with a Twist

pimento cheese recipe with a twist

One of my favorite things about moving to several different parts of the country is the various “favorite foods” our family has adopted. Pork burgers and gooey butter cake are staples in our menu from our years in Southern IL. We were introduced to fried pickles, Brazilian BBQ, and pimento cheese when we lived in Virginia and they remain some of our favorite comfort foods.

I love pimento cheese because it’s an easy way to help incorporate fresh veggies into our menus. It’s also a versatile topper for a baked potato, tomato soup, or burger that adds a twist. I’ve long maintained Palmetto’s is the best store-bought brand of pimento cheese, however, both maltodextrin and cultured dextrose are ingredients meaning their gluten-free claim is shaky. (Boo)

My southern friends may need to avert your eyes here however I think this Midwestern family has discovered our favorite version of pimento cheese and it’s officially replaced our Palmetto’s Pimento Cheese addiction. Spoiler Alert there are NO Pimentos in this recipe! One of the best parts is there is a slightly smoky flavor that makes this recipe stand out above any other I’ve tasted.

Pimento Cheese with a Twist

4 C Sharp Cheddar Cheese (choose a good quality cheese)

1/2 C Mayo (we use Primal Kitchen)

1/2 C Plain Greek Yogurt

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2-3 chipotle in adobo and some sauce diced finely

1 tsp maple syrup (the real stuff!)

1 Tbls spicy mustard (original recipe calls for Dijon mustard but we never have any!)

*The original recipe also calls for a pinch of cayenne or dash of hot sauce. Since I use the spicy mustard I haven’t included this ingredient. But that’s the thing about a great recipe, you get to adjust it to your taste preferences.

**If you prefer more “sauce” to cheese ratio add equal parts of mayo and yogurt in Tablespoon portions.

Combine everything really well and then pour over the shredded cheese. This is one of those recipes that’s best when you can prepare it ahead of time.

Wondering what to do with the rest of the chipotle in adobo? They freeze really well for the next round of pimento cheese. But they are also an AMAZING addition to chili or taco soup!

Thanks to Harmony Harkema for the original recipe!

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