Post-Season Musings

Football and Family

January post-season here in Central Illinois is fairly routine. The rules allow for lifting but not much else, so there isn’t much to do after school or on the weekends other than monitoring the weight room. This provides a lot of routine for our boys which is something they haven’t had for extended periods of time prior to this move. 

This still doesn’t mean that he is home as much as many assume. When Ordell coached college football many thought that after the season he hung out at home for a few months until practice started and basically worked four months a year.

Now that he’s teaching and coaching at the high school level the question many start with is “Is he a teacher or a resource person? Or does he do something else?” I’m grateful that at the very least there is an understanding high school coaches work for pennies so my husband must have an additional career or job of some sort.

However, the conversation that follows is a lengthy one:

  • He’s a strength coach?
  • Well, how does he know about that?
  • Shouldn’t he be at the college level?
  • Wait he WAS?
  • Well, doesn’t he want to go back to working fewer hours?
  • How are you handling the pay cut? 

Besides the fact that some of these are not appropriate questions (Hint, Hint) it’s hard to explain things without giving more information than I’d ever ask in return. Regardless, let’s just say fewer hours doesn’t always equal less pay.

Fewer hours away from the family, less stress, a better environment for multiple factors, plus the hope of retiring for the first time ever. Life is good and the icing on the cake is that in the most important years of our sons’ lives when they need their dad around to ask questions of, talk about things with, and go do things with, he is around. 

Preparation Never Ends

Just because the team isn’t meeting doesn’t mean coaches stop thinking about next season. There is always film to watch, playbook edits to make, and practice planning to script.

Fundraising is also a year-round effort for many programs. This year we have the most amazing team on our booster board and we are so incredibly thankful for all their hard work. But it takes a lot of time and coordination. Since things aren’t mandatory during the post-season and many players are participating in other sports it’s hard to know who will be around to help with a specific event. Regardless, these times fundraising is important because it means there is less to do during the season.

Intentional Choices

With schedule limitations during the season our dates are fairly route as are our commitments. The post-season allows us to expand the things we explore. Whether that is a weekend away or joining a small group at church for a little while it’s nice to have the freedom to flex our schedule. 

I know there are many people who find themselves counting down the days until practices start up again. As much as we consider ourselves a football family, we also embrace the post-season. We know practice will start up soon enough. In the meantime, we will take each day as it is and enjoy our time together.