Survive Recruiting Trips

Last week Ordell was in California for the week meeting with potential players while the boys and I were home, business as usual. Now that the boys are both in school full time, the weeks actually go by pretty quickly, but here are my tips for surviving recruiting trips.

Tips for Surviving Recruiting Trips

  1. Cook dinner: make sure the kiddos and yourself are still eating healthy, (especially during flu season), and also this saves you money! I have found that it’s hard to cook for just me and the kids, and I often just run to McDonald’s instead. This can get VERY expensive on extended trips!
  2. Schedule activities: this is the perfect time to have over friends who you don’t get to see very often, or that fun activity your kiddos have been begging to do.
  3. Get out of the house! It’s critical for your own sanity that you find times for adult conversation. Go have coffee with a girlfriend, or cash in that pedicure gift certificate
  4. Have a reward to look forward to. We have found that giving our kids something to look forward to helps tremendously with attitudes. Some people will look at this as a bribe, but we would do those things with our kids anyway. For example, upon return from convention, we took the boys out for a family day that involved playing games and eating dinner at a place similar to Chuck E Cheese. We had promised this adventure for a while and giving it as a reward helped our boys not only behave while we were gone but appreciate the time they had “earned”.
  5. Text throughout the day. Now, Coach isn’t going to always be able to reply immediately, but texting throughout the day allows for you both to be reminded you are thinking about each other.
  6. Plan a girls’ night! Remember, on a football staff while your husband is gone so are other wives’ husbands. Have everyone for dinner and a girly movie.
  7. Focus on the positives: a week of the house staying a bit cleaner, not fighting over the remote, quiet evenings, and a chance to catch up on purging…or is that just me.
  8. Tackle a project every long trip my husband knows he will enter a home that has changed something. Sometimes it’s newly shampooed carpets, other times it’s purged closets, a painted bathroom, or furniture re-arranged.

Originally posted 1/15/2010