6 Things Saving My Sanity

6 things saving my sanity

Football season is in full swing over here which means we’re all running a little closer to empty than I’d prefer. The boys are back in school as of today, so are adding homework and soccer to the calendar now in addition to practices. While I should add the disclaimer that compared to a college schedule our days are less focused on football alone, they are still very full. Coach has a full day of teaching, then there is practice planning, practice, film grading, school work, meetings, and that’s not including any interruptions like behavior issues.

With so much extra on his plate, I try to add a few more things to side of the task list, but with a full work schedule of my own this year I’m implementing a few new strategies to make it through game week with the least amount of stress possible. (ps- there’s a few affiliate links through here, no pressure, but if you use them we both save!)

Here are 6 things that are saving my sanity:

Plan to Eat

I started using the Plan to Eat desktop program last December and although I loved it, I wasn’t using it as much as I hoped until now! The Plan to Eat app is free and it’s absolutely changed my life.

Plan to eat is a meal planning program that allows you to store recipes, add them to a planning calendar, and create a shopping list. You can also follow other people to discover new meal plans.

Here are the features I love:

  • Auto loads recipe content from links even sorting by the type of meal
  • Saves all previous menu plans
  • Chrome add-on makes updating recipe storage section a cinch
  • Tracks how many times the same meal is planned

The calendar portion has space for 3 meals and a notes section as well. While I use this app for dinners, I could easily include additional meals. There is also a section for notes. I utilize this section to add things like “double rice” so that I remember I have 2 meals needing rice that week. I also use the notes section to build in days for leftovers and to remind me when we have a home game (which means we’re eating at the football field).

Meal Prep

I’ve written about meal prep before and it continues to be a favorite way to reduce the daily stress. I’ve got my strategy down to an hour or less by recruiting my 3 men to help. By rotating the weeks I prep roasted veggies for breakfasts and lunches with the week I bake gluten free breakfast muffins to stash in the freezer I am reducing my time in the kitchen and clean up.

My favorite meal prep strategy right now is to double and freeze. By utilizing my Instant Pot and 9×9 baking dishes, I can quickly double any recipe to use later in the month.


I’ve been using Walmart’s Pick Up service for months, but when our local Meijer offered a home delivery membership for $49 for the year and included the option to sync my MPerks I couldn’t resist. Having the ability to have groceries delivered within a few hours of ordering without leaving my home is a luxury and I am so thankful for this amazing service!


The only things keeping me accountable to my goals these days is my Powersheets Binder and my accountability partner. Each month I fill out a sheet that lists monthly, weekly and daily goals as well as things I’m focusing on that month.

While the checking off of tasks each day is helpful Powersheets is much more than that. The tending and goal setting worksheets are what make this binder so helpful. Specific questions that include highlighting wins and gratitude each month have made this binder one that I will keep to look back and reflect on each year.


Working from home may mean I don’t need to dress up for work every day, but I still need to look presentable on video calls! Lipsense lipstick is amazing. It truly stays on all day! It took me a while to find my favorite shade, but the fun part about Lipsense is that you can layer colors to create a unique blend every day.

Even if I don’t wear any other make up I can hop on a video call and not have my client ask me if I’m feeling tired or sick. 😉

The Glorious School Bus

For the past several years I’ve driven my kids at least one way to and/or from school. Some years this was because we lived out of the area where bussing was offered, but mainly it’s been to reduce the morning rush. This year the bus pick up is the same time as we would leave our house because our kids are the last stop SO…no more school commute for Mama!!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Not only can I start my workday 30 minutes earlier, but I don’t have to deal with the insanity with is parent drop off. Of course, I’ve assured my kids that I’m always available to drop them off if needed, but so far so good.

So there it is; the six things that are saving my sanity this football season and beyond. What are your sanity saving tips? I’d love to hear!