Saying Goodbye to Elementary School

Saying Goodbye toElementary School

Last month we closed another chapter in our home. We will not have any kiddos in elementary school. I’d be lying to you if I said I was sad about this reality. While I had a hard time with our oldest turning 10 years old since then I’ve discovered that I don’t need to be sad about the milestones we face. I don’t dread the future because the more independent our boys become the more fun they are to be around.

I went on a few 5th-grade field trips this year and I can confidently say that elementary school teachers are saints because I wanted to scream at some point of each trip. The inability to stand up without talking is one I’ll never understand.

Levi had an amazing teacher this year and I have no doubt she’s prepared him well for middle school. He’s taken his initial tour and picked out his preferred classes. He now attends Sunday and Wednesday night middle school youth group at our church. The transition is almost complete.

Of course, I reserve the right to shed a few tears come promotion day, I’m not completely heartless! Reflecting on all this kid has dealt with in 6 years of schooling reminds me of how resilient he is and that is a reason to celebrate.

There are a few other reasons I’m ready to say goodbye to elementary school. Y’all, I am SO not a PTA parent. Don’t get me wrong, I DEEPLY appreciate the parents who put on the carnivals and fun runs and track the fundraising and find the grants and do all the things. I know my children benefit from the work of those amazing women, which is why I’ve tried to do my part. I ran concessions at the festival, donated to parent/teacher conferences, and even attended a few PTA meetings. No pat on the back needed. I understand my effort is the bare minimum.

There is a PTA board in Middle School, and I fully intend to half-heartedly attend fundraisers as needed next year as well, but there is SO much less work involved with older grades!

Another plus to putting grade school behind us is both boys will be in the same school which means only having to remember 2 school schedules instead of 3 and having a shorter drop-off drive each morning. I’ll admit, the fact that I’m working full-time likely plays into the joy I feel moving beyond elementary school, but it’s not the only factor.

So goodbye 5th grade, you’ve been a fun one, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Upward and Onward! See ya in August middle school!