Senior Day Gift Ideas

The season is wrapping up which means it’s almost time to say goodbye to another group of seniors. Even though many won’t graduate until May, Senior Day is the day that they are honored by the team.

It’s always special to see the parents stand on the field and flank their athletes. Depending on how the school runs things sometimes you will hear a fun memory from the past four years or perhaps what the next few years hold for each player.

Senior Day Gift Ideas - Lessons from the Sidelines

When it comes to gifts I’ve always tried to consider something a student will want to keep with them in their dorm room or apartment. A signed football is nice, however, not everyone is going to have room to display items like that in an office. And not every wife will understand that footballs are living room decor.

With that in mind, I’m offering up some suggestions as you consider what you might give (or suggest your Booster Board give) your senior athletes this season.


The Replica Jersey is always a favorite. The players are always trying to take their jersey with them anyway. A replica isn’t going to cost as much to replace as the team jersey, and it is shaped differently so that post-athletic body will be able to enjoy the apparel a little longer.

gift replica football jersey

These are a great way of saying “You are always part of the team.” as well as “We can’t wait to see you at homecoming.”

Local business owners who talk about the glory days are also welcome to display their jerseys if they prefer that to wearing them.

Other apparel items you might consider could include a special Alumni designed sweatshirt, a hat, or even an embroidered bag.

Mini Helmets

The local barber is an alum of the high school where Ordell coaches and he loves to talk about the glory days. The barbershop decor also reflects his love of football complete with a row of helmets.

While everyone may not have space for a full-sized helmet, these mini helmets are always a hit.

Gift Cards

Basic, but useful. Barnes & Noble, Amazon, gas cards, Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and Itunes are all great options that are not going to go to waste. If you live in a need-based area this may be the kindest gift you can give. It also makes a great add on to another gift.


If you have access to photos consider putting together a flipbook for each player with great memories of the team. You don’t have to personalize them, but of course, that’s a nice touch.

Check out this Pinterest board of posters. Fewer images, but still special memories!

Looking for Something for the Mama’s?

Flowers are a traditional gift for players to give. Check out this adorable football rose I found on Etsy! What a fun way to make a memory last and help your players say thanks to their moms for all the years of playing taxi driver all those loads of stinky laundry!

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