Share Four Something -April 2019

Share Four Somethings

Something Loved

This month I loved getting out in the sun! While our family in the west and north have still spent time frolicking in the snow, we’ve busted out the shorts here in Central, IL and it’s felt great. Thankfully the sun has made an apperance at Saturday soccer games which started this month as well.

Something Said

If you haven’t heard yet Brene Brown has a new Netflix show starting. It’s not out yet, but there is a two-hour documentary Call to Courage. Brene’s presentations on vulnerability are always insightful because she what she says is curated from decades of research. In a world of armchair experts, I’m thankful for people like Brene who are still willing to do the hard work of understanding the why of the human experience from all perspectives.

Something Learned

This month I learned that in some cases the pricey membership isn’t worth the investment. We canceled our Amazon Prime membership last month. There were many reasons for this. First, their “2-day Prime Shipping” has become more like 3-5 days even though we have those Amazon trucks in our area. Second, we’ve had 8 frustrating return situations with 3rd party sellers in the past 12 months. Third, the cost increase didn’t seem worth the “convenience” especially considering how inconvenient Amazon has been.

45 days later I don’t miss it one bit! We have not missed out on any lower prices because we’ve barely ordered anything online, but thanks to Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and Barnes and Noble we have access to everything we’ve considered on Amazon and had free shipping without pricey memberships.

Something Read

I loved Emily P. Freeman’s newest book The Next Right Thing. Emily’s gentle guidance towards choosing the next right step in your decision-making journey is encouraging, insightful, and Christ-focused. I especially found comfort in her story about her husband John’s job transition journey. The best thing about choosing the next right thing is that it applies in both big and small decisions making this a book that anyone who makes choices in life will find helpful.

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