Share Four Somethings April 2020

Share Four Somethings April 2020

It feels like it’s been a really long month here in Central IL. We’ve gone from temperatures in the 70’s to the 30’s and back up to the 60’s with some days in between. We’ve watched a beautiful tree in our front yard bloom, the first cardinals appear in our backyard, and a LOT of TV. I’m linking up for April 2020’s Share Four Somethings with Heather Gerwing! You can read what I shared last month here.

Something Loved

This month I started leading a weekly Zoom Bible Study for Coaches’ Wives Ministry and I have absolutely loved our Tuesday night meetings! Long before the chaos of this past several weeks, founder Candace Lane planned for members to go through Sharon Hodde Miller’s Nice Study in the month of May using our Right Now Media at Work video access and questions from the CWM magazine. It’s been SO great connecting with new coaches’ wives around the country, and it’s certainly been timely to focus on the Fruit of the Spirit!

Nice by Sharon Hodde Miller

Something Read

Paul Smith is a storytelling coach. His book Lead with a Story was once I read for my work goals. We choose personal and professional goals each quarter and this book fell into both categories. From the book: “This how-to guidebook shows readers how powerful stories can help define culture and values, engender creativity and innovation, foster collaboration, build relationships, provide coaching and feedback, and lead change. Whether in a speech or a memo, communicated to one person or a thousand, storytelling is an essential skill for today’s leaders.” 

If you’re a writer or blogger this is a really helpful book for multiple reasons. Smith offers various examples of ways to implement stories with presentations. He presents several creative styles that fit the personalities of the CEO’s and different teams he has led. The last part of the book walks through story structure in detail.

Something Treasured

While I don’t love the circumstances, I have loved many parts of these slower days. I miss some key parts of our weeks, but it’s been really nice to get out for longer walks on the weekends without competing agendas. We’ve experimented in the kitchen more and our boys have learned to use the grill and smoker. It’s nice to have this gap in time where we can prioritize focusing on some things we may have missed during the crazy years when the boys were younger.

Something Ahead

As much as I’m happy having slower days, I’m really missing time with my girlfriends and date nights. I miss corporate worship with our church and trying on clothes before buying them. I miss walking past someone and not holding my breath nervously. I’m looking forward to the days when we can embrace a new normal where our country and global experts have a deeper understanding of this horrible virus and masks (hopefully) aren’t necessary.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of Share Four Somethings! Head to her blog to see what others are sharing this month.

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