Share Four Somethings April 2021

As April ends I’m realizing that we’re learning an important lesson. After a year of watching the world through our windows, we’re finding ourselves juggling a full calendar. It’s fun to include socializing with people into our daily lives again, and yet I’m finding that our stamina isn’t as long as it was a year ago. Somehow we managed to keep our calendar full without leaving our house. We’re learning to create space for people outside our immediate family in person on a more regular basis again.

Something Loved

Elijah plays tennis

I loved watching our oldest compete in his first tennis match. He won the match against someone he was very evenly matched with, and he exhibited excellent sportsmanship throughout the entire match.

It was different to observe as a parent after decades of watching games as a coach’s wife. However, tennis is such a different game than football it was easy to settle in and abide by standard etiquette expectations.

Something Read or Said

This is the month that we had the opportunity to watch the Derick Chauvin trial conclude with three guilty verdicts from a twelve-person jury. There were many responses to the verdict. It was hard to find the words to express the thoughts swirling around in my head and then Esau McCaulley’s article from the New York Times arrived in my inbox. How I’m Talking to My Kids About the Derek Chauvin Verdict and I found that this one article encompassed all of what I was thinking and feeling.

Something Treasured

something treasured april 2021

This month I was genuinely surprised by Alyssa DeLosSantos who strategized with two of my favorite athletes. I was looking forward to celebrating the girls’ recent birthdays and competition success and our time was made all the more special when Alyssa showed up from Texas.

I’ll admit I don’t often love surprises, but this was a really fun one and I also learned Alyssa is the perfect person to have with you at Red Robin because she has no shame about ordering fries for the table as an appetizer. 😉

Something Ahead

Next month is an exciting one for our family. We’re celebrating the end of middle school for Levi! We’ll also celebrate Elijah’s sixteenth birthday and the end of Ordell’s fifth school year in our current community. I’m really excited to turn the calendar to May this year. I feel like the deeper we get into 2021 the more positives we have to record.

share four somethings 2021

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of Share Four Somethings. What are you celebrating this month?

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8 thoughts on “Share Four Somethings April 2021”

  1. Tennis is such a fun sport! I’m glad that the positives are starting to pile up for you and your family. I’m feeling the same way. We actually have future plans again, which is wonderful. 🙂

  2. Our youngest was on the tennis team at school too. I loved to watch tennis after years of watching baseball, football, wrestling, and soccer.

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