Share Four Somethings – April

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I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of #sharefoursomethings.

Something Loved

I have SO many emails to deal with every day. With an increased client load (wahoo!) it was starting to get out of control on a regular basis. But this new trick has fixed my email chaos and that’s something I’m LOVING!

How to Save Your Gmail Emails to Google Drive (Bonus….this works for Yahoo emails too!)

Something Said

I turned 40 last month. Here are my thoughts on this milestone.

Here’s a preview:  “As I reflect on the last decade, I can’t believe how much has happened. At the same time, I can’t picture a different path.”

Something Learned

With summer just around the corner, I’ve started collecting ideas for the weeks when the boys aren’t in camps. This year they should have a half and half summer in that half the weeks are booked.

Library trips are a year-round staple in our home, but over the summer it is harder to find series to hold the middle schooler’s interest. At parent-teacher conferences, it was suggested that non-fiction, biographies, and auto-biographies enter the rotation.

This list of Nonfiction Books for Curious Middle Schoolers is a great place to start!

Something Read

I’ve found myself leaning toward introverted tendencies in the last several years. I wasn’t sure if my health was a factor, but this article cleared things up for me. Whether I’ve always been an introvert or have developed into one…these 12 things definitely needed these days.

12 Things Introverts Absolutely Need to be Happy

“Introverts have unique needs that are different from those of extroverts. We’re not always looking for the next party, and we may be just as happy staying home. So what does it take to avoid feeling exhausted and drained? Here are 12 things that just about every introvert needs to be happy.”  Keep reading here…