Share Four Somethings August 2018

share four somethings

I’m linking up for another month of #sharefoursomethings with Heather Gerwing. I’m loving this quick monthly reflection! You can check out what I said in July here.

Something Loved

I loved getting to spend time with girlfriends in July and August! When my dorm roommate came to my state with her husband and four kids I hopped in the car to spend the afternoon watching her kids run around a playground while we caught up on life. It’s a special treasure to have friends with whom conversation starts up as if it ended yesterday anytime we see each other.

dear friends

Something Said

This month I officially joined the Friday Night Wives writing team! I’m so excited to partner with this ministry that I love so much to encourage coaches’ wives. Check out my recent blog article Top Ways to Support a Coaching Family In Season here.

Something Learned

This month I learned that life is better with audiobooks! I’ve been so frustrated with my lack of reading time this year that when I discovered the Libby app I quickly added the maximum amount of books to my waiting list that’s allowed. I’ve listed to books that have sat on my kindle for over a year and I’ve loved every one of them!

I initially resisted audiobooks because I like to take notes while I read. This is the one downside of listening instead of reading, but I’ve also learned that I don’t need as many notes as I think I do. I can always go back to a section if I find I’m really impacted by a quote or paragraph.

On the pros side of the audiobook list is that I can hear the author’s intended tone when writing. This has given me a new perspective on authors and I’m loving it!  I’m listening through Hoopla and the Libby app for free thanks to our library!

Something Read

While audiobooks are getting me through my book list, I’m still reading my favorite blogs! Why I’ll Never Be a Football Widow had my clapping my hands. Y’all I cannot STAND that saying! Especially when said jokingly. I’m so thankful I’m not the only one.

So that’s my four somethings for August! Head over the Heather Gerwing’s blog Friday to read what other’s are saying!