Share Four Somethings August 2020

By far the most insane month of quarantine yet. The start of our school year changed twice, the plan for how the school will look has changed at least three times and I discovered our oldest has been working on homework all summer for a class I didn’t even know he was registered for because the online registration wasn’t up to date. Good thing he’s on top of things! I’m linking up for Share Four Somethings July 2020 with Heather Gerwing today! Head to Heather’s blog to see what other’s are sharing.

Something Loved

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I’m loving the Right Now Media@ Work App for my phone. These days when my kids have dentist or hair appointments I’m spending time hanging out in the car. Normally that would be time on social media, but let’s be real, that is a horrible way to spend time these days.

Instead, I can download the next Bible study for Coaches’ Wives Ministry or listen to another study of some sort just like a podcast.

These days I’m finding that the more I can absorb God’s word the better and Right Now Media @ Work is a great resource to help.

Something Read

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Anne Rulo has written this 5-Day devotional and it is so worth downloading! Regardless of how you are sending your kids to school this year, or not sending your kids to school, this devotional will help you focus your thoughts on God and battle away all those lingering fears.

Something Treasured

This month our church started meeting outside on Sundays under tents and I have really treasured corporate worship with our community. It’s been great to catch up in person with our church friends even through masks and kids running around.

The weather has cooperated, and the team putting things together every week is doing an amazing job. I can’t imagine how much time and effort is going into everything behind the scenes because there is a LOT of extra details that are clearly present in front of us each week from the app with the order of events and worship songs, to the busy bags for the kids, to the people walking around with fans and bottles of water.

Our church is making sure people are well loved and it’s a blessing to be present and support them as well.

Something Ahead

August 2020 is also the month my book Lessons from the Sidelines released! I’m really looking forward to getting more connected with readers in my Mighty Network as people begin going through the Understanding Your Calling 7 Step Actionable Study.

Mighty Network Lessons from the Sidelines

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