Share Four Somethings December 2018

share four somethings december 2018It’s time for another Share Four Somethings! I can hardly believe December is almost over. We’re having a fun week with family in Chicago, and loving on our nieces this week.

Something Loved

It’s been a great month. I wrapped up a short-term contract with a client which automatically gave me more hours in my workday. While I loved that the extra work blessed our family financially this fall I’m so thankful for the lightened workload during the holidays.

I’ve taken the extra time to extend my morning workout, read a little more, and the boys and I have spent time in the kitchen.

Something Said

share four somethings december 2018

LOVE this quote found on I placed it at the top of my Powersheets tending sheet this month to remind me to enjoy my new free time as it is unlikely to last all that much longer.

Something Learned

A dear friend who is a retired military wife and I have found a lot of things we have in common from our moves, the way we parents, and how we balance public and private life. I’ve long held the belief that coaching families have many similarities with military families as well as pastors, para-church ministers and college faculty and administrators. This blog post The Secret Life of Military Spouses and Their Curtains had me nodding along the whole time.

When you move frequently it’s hard to find things that hold family memories. While it may not always be curtains, the sentiment is exactly the same!

Something Read

I just finished Cultivate: A GRACE-FILLED GUIDE TO GROWING AN INTENTIONAL LIFE by Lara Casey. Her book was number 18 of 20 this year, which means I missed my goal, but it was a perfect way to wrap up the year.

Lara paints a beautiful picture of what it looks like to cultivate a life with the present and future in mind. She uses her experiences with her garden to connect practical ideas to everyday decisions in a way that makes any goal seem worth considering. What I loved most about this book is that unlike other books which push the “you can do anything” manta Lara encourages intentional prayer in addition to a lot of self-reflection to discover God’s plan for your life.

I originally borrowed this book from our library as an audiobook and after 2 chapters went ahead and purchased a copy so I could take better notes.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for another month of Share Four Somethings. Head to her website to see what others are sharing and to link up yourself!

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