Share Four Somethings December 2020

share four somethings

It’s the last Share Four Something of 2020! It’s been quite the year and I’m pretty excited to say goodbye to the chaos. That said, there were some celebrations this year, some lessons learned, and milestones achieved.

Something Loved

In December I loved recording an episode of The Kindness Podcast with fellow coach’s wife Nicole Phillips. I’m grateful to everyone who has helped get the word out about Lessons from the Sidelines this year. This podcast was a fun one. Give it a listen!

Something Read

The article Why the Partisan Divide? The U.S. Is Becoming More Secular—and More Religious is an important read.

Pluralism, after all, has always been what makes America exceptional on the world stage. In our report, we analyzed data from more than 16,000 survey participants in eleven countries, looking specifically at how religion in public life varies across populations. In Latin American nations like Columbia and Peru, most respondents were both religiously affiliated and active in their faith. As you would expect, in European countries like France or the United Kingdom, religious affiliation and participation were much lower. Whereas religion was once predominant in these nations, today, secularism reigns.

The United States, meanwhile, stands out for its unique demographic mix of both seculars and the highly religious. Of the eleven countries analyzed, only in the United States do these two groups have to deal with each other on somewhat equal grounds.

Specifically, we estimate that there are a little more than 100 million American seculars and about 85 million Americans who might be considered highly religious. In other words, there are more seculars in the United States than there are people in all of the Nordic countries combined plus Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Austria, and Switzerland. Likewise, the church-attending population of the United States is larger than the combined populations of Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Read the rest here…

Something Treasured

I haven’t been able to spend much time friends in person this year. However this month two friends braved the cold once a week to meet and discuss She Reads Truth’s Advent study. It was SO good to meet in person and discuss what we were learning in God’s word, to hear about what is happening in each other’s lives and to remind each other that we need the body of Christ in both good and difficult seasons.

Something Ahead

I’m really excited about several projects releasing in 2021. The first one is Coach Walk’s Corner. Back in March when Illinois started the first lockdown I suggested that my favorite Coach join me for some video conversations to create some unique content for my blog.

We recorded a podcast with The Friday Night Light that will release in early 2021 and I’m SO thankful for Chris and Corrine for sharing their space! That conversation finally got the ball rolling on Coach Walk’s Corner. This space will be a place where Ordell will share his thoughts on the coaching life with a ministry mindset. Now Lessons from the Sidelines offers coaches, coaches’ wives, and sports a behind-the-scenes perspective from both the coach’s and the coach’s wife’s point of view.

Schedule ministry first then build your X's and O's around ministry. -Ordell Walker

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing! Head to hear blog to see what others are sharing for December 2020’s Share Four Somethings. We’d love for you to join us too!

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