Share Four Somethings -February 2019

share four somethings

Something Loved

Well, I’m likely the last person on earth to see the movie Frozen, but the right opportunity never presented itself. That is until I spent a few days with two sweet little girls who were shocked to learn I did not know the story. I’ll admit, Frozen is a great story. A wonderful twist on the traditional Disney fairytale and now I’m even excited to see Frozen 2!

Something Said

Shauna Niequist comments on Branding

I came across this post on Instagram from Shauna Niequist this week and I felt immediate gratitude. If you’ve followed Shauna’s story at all the past year you know she and her family have been through the wringer publically. Her willingness to speak out on this important subject in such a specific way feels brave and necessary.

Right now we are surrounded by public figures claiming transparency while staging every carefully created image to align with their “brand”. And then there is this post from Shauna which reminds us we don’t need to try to live up to someone else’s Instagram brand.

Something Learned

I learned that I’m not the only one that’s fed up with people taking credit for other people’s work. Working in content marketing one of the most exhausting things I encounter is the theft of intellectual property. For some reason, people who are social media famous seem to assume that if they change the font on a famous quote the words become their own and they do not need to reference the original source.

Thankfully, as the movement for authenticity grows, the voices calling for plagiarism to stop are also increasing.

I love learning I’m not an island, because I have to admit, I often feel like I am! More than that, what’s great about this call for authenticity is that people don’t mind if you are posting inspiring quotes, they simply want you to authentically attribute credit where it’s due. Seems fair right? And as a writer, this is great because it’s tough coming up with original content every day. I love sharing the things that inspire me too!

Something Read

Love this list of Children’s Books Honoring the Life & Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. If you are looking for something to read this month for Black History Month consider this list!

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