Share Four Somethings January 2019

Share Four Somethings 2019

Something Loved

It’s been a crazy month in our house! Every January I take some time to purge and reorganize after the holidays, but this year with a little extra motivation from Marie Kondo on Netflix and an awesome set of organizing containers from Dollar Tree I’m feeling more organized than ever!

Something Said

I wrote a letter to our Seniors over at Friday Night Wives. Here’s a preview:

Dear Seniors,

Can you believe your last season on our team is over? It’s hard to put into words all the emotions of that last game, that last time stepping onto the field or court as a player for your school. Regardless of this year’s record, we both know it doesn’t reflect how hard you’ve worked the last four years. It’s impossible for two numbers with a dash in between to even attempt to reveal all the time, physical pain, exhaustion, frustration, excitement, exhilaration, and commitment of your athletic career.

When all is said and done, wins and losses are not what define a team. And while I trust you will remember some stats from your time here and the energy of game day, I want you to remember more from your time with us.

Seniors, here’s what I really want you to remember:

You will find yourself in team situations for the rest of your life. The camaraderie you share with your teammates is important. There is a brotherhood on a sports team that is like no other, but that way you treat a good teammate translates well to how you interact with co-workers and family members.

Something Learned

Going gluten-free has required a lot of label reading and figuring out where gluten is hiding. I love this image from Dr. Axe. It has helped me learn that a lot of foods have maltodextrin even though they are labeled gluten-free and maltodextrin makes me foggy headed. A benefit of eliminating this one ingredient is a 5lb drop in weight the first week and steady weight loss since.

Something Read

One of the hardest things for me in the Powersheets Prep process is creating goals that are SMART and also narrow enough to complete without me feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes the best way to push past a road block is to consider other’s perspectives. Lara Casey wrote a great blog article How to Get Unstuck with Your Goals and it was just the perspective I needed.

I’m linking up with Heather Gerwing for Share Four Somethings.

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