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We’re changing up Share Four Somethings and I love the new shares! If you read our monthly link-ups in 2019 you will notice that two of these headings have changed. I’m excited to head over to Heather’s blog and read what others are sharing for January 2020. If you haven’t participated in Share Four Somethings yet now is the time to join us! This monthly link-up is a great way to connect with other bloggers. I’ve gathered some of my best recommendations from these posts for books, podcasts, and even places to visit!

Something Loved

In January I loved the slow start to the month. I always love that when you put Christmas decorations away the house immediately feels decluttered and cleaner. Since we just moved this summer there isn’t much we need to purge and organize right now so instead, we spent days resting which felt like the right way to kick off a semester that is sure to have us running from activity to activity soon enough.

Something Read

If you missed my review of Try Softer please take a minute to check it out! Aundi wrote an amazing book that I truly believe has the potential to help us all have healthier relationships and most importantly love ourselves the way God loves us.

Something Treasured

This month I put together our yearly digital photo album. This is something I started doing when our boys were born and I received a coupon for a free digital album. I loved the way it turned out and found that somehow, without trying I take just enough photos to fill a standard 8×8 or 9×9 20 page digital album each year. I pick a different theme and some books are different sizes because I always wait until I get a free coupon. Spending time pulling the images together from the year, remembering the highlights from our times as a family is always fun. Our stack of albums sits in order and it’s amazing to see how quickly our boys’ interests change year to year as well as which interests are sticking around. We’ve had some fun family vacations and all their camping trips are documented as well.

Something Ahead

This month I’m partnering with my local FCA chapter as well as several other coaches’ wives in the Midwest to put together the first Pursue Coaches’ Wives retreat. I’m speaking and leading a breakout session. If you’ve read this blog you know it’s part of my heart’s desire to encourage coaches’ wives to pursue God’s calling for their lives and flourish in the shadow of the limelight. That often begins with self-care and time spent understanding how God uniquely designed us. Will you join me in praying for the wives attending this event as well as everyone speaking and working SO hard to put together a retreat to serves these women?

Head over to Heather’s blog and read what others are sharing for January 2020, and to link-up your post!

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